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U.S. Braces for Sony's PSP Gaming Machine Debut



Thanks to ieXbeta!

Sony Corporation is betting that more than a million gamers will snap up its new PlayStation Portable (PSP) gaming machines within days of its March 24 release at midnight Eastern time.

But the bigger question facing the world's No. 2 consumer electronics maker, which promised to have 1 million units ready for the launch, is whether it can make enough to meet demand, particularly in Japan, its home country and the biggest market for video games.

"We anticipate people lined up at many stores early for this. How fast we'll sell out? It's safe to say we expect to sell out the first day," said Best Buy spokesman Brian Lucas.

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News source: Reuters


Political User
PSP isn't Steam though.

My pre-order of the bundle pack from gamestop didn't come today. I'm pretty anxious to get it after dropping down over 400 dollars for it.


OSNN Senior Addict
Got one, love it.

To be honest, the price is a steal when you look at what it does. Duo sticks are expensive, but I can still afford them so it's not a big deal.


Political User
I have one. With three games. Not really much out now ... although I'm interested to see what comes of it in the coming months


Prodigal Son
My buddy Syd has had one for about a week. It is very cool. It came with Spiderman 2 the movie. He also bought Need For Speed and ... errrr, can't remember... another game for it.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
Political User
went to visit my sister this weekend in ohio and yesterday (five days after launch) one walmart by her house and the other walmart about 20 minutes away had at minimum 20 PSPs a piece.

was tempted to buy as many as I could but when I checked Ebay it seems like those that want one already have one since they aren't selling barely anything at all over retail.


High On Life!
didnt want to start a new thread, but my dads in houston now, told him to get me a psp, cant wait! will also tell the best buy guy to get me a 1gb sandisk gamer stick :) and need for speed, just a question though, are the ones that come with spiderman 2 the movie still around or finished? cuz i heard that they are all gone


High On Life!
I JUST GOT 2 PSPs!!! JK i got one my dad got another one for a friend of mine going to give it to him in school tommow and surprise him!

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