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I may actually be insane.
(You'll have to excuse me for making this topic, I've been off work ill for 2-days, been stuck in bed (alone..boooo) and need to entertain myself :D :p)

Right then, on with the important issues at hand. Following on from Henry's razor thread, what sort of toothbrush does everyone have ?

I have a Braun plaque remover-y thing along with a 'normal' toothbrush with some sort of flexi-head going on, ooh.



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I use the exact same thing as you Speedy, although mine looks slightly older, design -wise. Have to admit though, those changeable heads cost quite a lot :eek:
wow well i have a special toothbrush it's the good ol' fashioned plastic stick with plastic threads at the end, but i have an electric floss :D


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Floss, isn't that something which you start to do for about 2 weeks after visiting the dentist and start again for about a week before visiting again?

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Just a plain old fashioned plastic toothbrush for me,2 for 79p from Morrison's :D
As me dentist say's "No need to spend a fortune, they all do the same if you brush right so don't waste your money" :p


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I have the exact same one as yours Dave. In fact everyone in my family has that one, but a different color. Personally I think electronic tooth brushes are a waste of money, but I'm not complaining as the parents bought them :p

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