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2 Dec 2001
Ok, I have ordered the new server, will give it a few days to get it all setup and then reimport the most recent database, I don't want to rush this as it would be nice to have things running smoothly from the word go.

ntfs was kinda a suprise, definatly for me, as I woke up one morning and found that someone had launched it early. I don't want that to happen this time. I'm not gonna keep it secret or anything, but we will move over as well as we can and leave a redirect page on ntfs, for as long as Craig lets us.


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4 Dec 2001


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4 Aug 2002
just do a redirect, an 'unauthorized' renaming of teh domain, so we can all just type in "" and it will take us to the site.

damn, the replies filled in so quick there I look REALLY retarded


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5 Mar 2002
10,978 is my suggestion. I know what it means, do you? lol


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17 Jun 2003
2zee said:
the meaning was open for discussion some while back
did you ever pick one of them ????

don't think you did ~ did ya ? LMAO :p

I was one of the first to have a whinge
Now The Forums Suck
he he he

especially since the name was picked to get away from being an XP site
case of out the frying pan into the fire
seeing as NT Filing System will be outdated along with XP
yet another LMAO :p

and how many people have come to this site looking for help with NT Filing System
and got none .......... DOH !!!!!!
and another LMAO :p

FFS EP don't let waddy pick this one ....... he he he

what ever you do I'll still come and visit
and argue the toss with Perris

good luck with the move EP

:cool: :D :p
What can I say? I never knew there was a discussion on the topic, neither was it mentioned anywhere when I registered for this forum.
You can laugh you backside off for all I care. I don't think more than 10% of all members knew what it stands for.

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