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2 Dec 2001
NTFS is changing!

Waddy has decided that it is no longer worth him paying for hosting NTFS at rackshack, but don't despair as the rest of the team are currently making plans to change into a new site.

So far we have decided on the following new system from and I will be taking on the site costs, which I am hoping will be covered by whatever advertising I can take on:

Server: Super Celeron 2.4 GHz
Primary HDD: 80GB Hard Drive
Number of ips: 5 IP Addresses
Bandwidth: 1000 GB Bandwidth
Uplink Port Speed: 100 Mbps Uplink
Web Analytics: Urchin 100 profiles
Operating System: Free BSD 4.9

The new hosts do not allow IRC servers, so we will be moving the IRC channel back to efnet for the time being. The entire site and database will be moved to the new site, so I can assure you there will be minimal data lost!

The one thing we don't have is a new name. We need something interesting but relevent to the news and discussion we have here, preferably a .com.

And now I open it to the floor...
Can't you keep NTFS as the Name?

Minimal data loss?? Sure hope it's less than that. :p
well some server configuration will be lost. no part of the site itself.
we can't keep the name but will redirect to the new site for a while when the new server is ready.
how much per annum does it cost to have rackshack to host it?

how about
how much will new server be a month? it's sad that will be you have a time frame?

i'll try to think of a new name.................
Electronic Punk said:
rackshack was $99 a month.

Was thinking if you did a premium membership here, which would entitle you to so hidden features, at say £5 per year, you would I am sure get the money to cover $99 per month.

You could offer e-mail addies upto 5 per payer. To satrt off with an idea, with pop forwarding allowed, say 15 meg in box and a bit more if we pay more.
New name?

That has a nice ring to it :D
the new one is $79 a month, for a server with better hardware and better connection speed.
nice, i presume you perster for freebsd? :p does sound good ;)
Henyman said:
nice, i presume you perster for freebsd? :p

Pester? Where did you get that assumption, i pointed [e]-punk towards servermatrix as the host i currently work for has two servers there, and they are rock solid, second, i prefer BSD, as without a control panel, it is probably the most secure, and i know my way around it.
Whoa. Another change.

/methinks of a name

... can't think of one yet. :)
trying to expand beyond xp :D
we did consider having a premium service, but what could we really offer?

Don' worry about the money side of things for now, I have it covered! Kinda!
What did NTFS stand for btw? Don't tell me it's the file format!?
If it is... you might as well name the new site WinFS. :p's face it guys we are!...just kidding...
he's going to give up drinknig for 1 day a month to pay :p

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