the new AMD thoroughbred core


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to read indepth details about the core, details about the manufactuer, cooling, overclocking et al... AND performance graphs... check out this site...

this is the direct link to the AMD 2200xp thoroughbred :)

enjoy lads... I am a BIG fan of AMD for what they have done and hope this is insightful for those who are interested in this kinda stuff...



Anyone remember that commercial where this guy gets this bloated system only to see a billboard with a higher end model of it as he's going home?

I ordered an Athlon XP 2100+ and I GET THIS NEWS!!!

haha that's some funny stuff.
i noticed it doesn't......i thought it would
shouldn't it?
wat went wrong ? :mad:
but for the reveiws
they should put up the top of the line processors from each competitor and test them out
cuz its the latest n greatest
rite? :p
but...we'll c wat happens....
got 2 pentiums myself
buh gonna go for amd's started to like em :D
hopefully they become cooler too


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Originally posted by catch23
You'll be able to overclock that 2100+ to faster than the 2200+...the 2200+ doesn't overclock easily.
They're probably overclocked already from AMD close to their max. That's probably why they're harder.


My 1800+ is at 1725mhz,,, With no errors on Prime95,,, and I'm still going up... One more mhz FSB and I'm at 2100+ levels...

They can keep the Thoughrobred for awhile...

Just wanted to brag :D...


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Hey guys how can you overclock the xp athlon easly do u need a bigger fan or what? and where do u think i can get a subzero cooling system so i can keep it at high speeds and about how much does it cost?:confused:


I'm a pent fan for now, since I have had no problems wiyh them. So what I read was a 2200xp is actually 1800ghz? Why don't they name them according to their ghz?


Originally posted by catch23
Zoey: it's for marketing.. Since the release of the AthlonXP series, AMD has used model numbers rather than MHz speeds to show consumers and the world that clock speed DOES NOT equal Intel is trying to show. The AthlonXP 2200+ was build to compete with the Intel P4 2.2ghz...same with the 1600+:1.6ghz ... the 1700+:1.7ghz ...etc.

I might also point out that every AthlonXP model number has out-performed it's Pentium 4 rival. (even though some people are still trying to compare things such as the AthlonXP 2100+ (1.73ghz) to a Pentium 4 2.5ghz and 2.6ghz)
that was my point. is there some kind of easy math to ifgure out the Ghz or does it vary. Pent makes it easy to talk about. With Pent 1600=1.6Ghz. If someone told me they have a 1600xp I assume they mean the same, because it's always been that way.I think they are falling behind so they uped the model # so it did'nt look so bad? I'm not trying to be an ass, just trying to see how this system helps the buyers out?


Originally posted by catch23
There is no method to figuring the actual clock speed of the Athlon XPs...but if you stay current with them, the press releases always reveal the clock speed.


The easiest way is to go to Newegg or someplace similar and look up the processor...

IF you talking about OC speed then it's simply Multiplier*FSB=Clock speed... Example... A 266mhz Athlon Really runs at 133mhz... Multiply that by 11.5 and you get 1.53g,,, A XP1800+...

Overclocked... 11.5*151fsb= 1737mhz

For cooling forget subzero... It way to much hassle... The board and CPU has to be prepped correctly or it STOPS working... Trust me :D... Watercooling is the way to go... Now I'm thinking of running a peltier with a way to turn down the wattage...

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