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The little boy who could


Gasoline Rainbow
Ok. Here's the deal. I'm going to start a story and you can all add to it. Might be fun ! The story is titled "The little boy who could" and I'll start us all off.

Here we go:

There was a little boy. His name was Charlie. One day Charlie was walking home from school when suddenly he was approached by three men. They asked him if.....
he'd like some sweets.

"No," replied Charlie, remembering what his mum had warned him about 'strangers'.

The three men gathered around poor Charlie and pulled out their....


Gasoline Rainbow
Sorry this got offensive. I just thought it might be funny if we all made a little story. I never thought it would take the turn it did. Anyway, let's consider it closed !


X2 & Lovin' It
aww c'mon thjat is BS i mean seriously there were people here who wanted to put their creative juices flowing and now thanx to one idiot (we all know who that is) this thread gets closed. Imagine how much fun this would have been without that happing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh stupid people


X2 & Lovin' It
yea wankers (whatever that is, lol i know what it is) it would have been cool if they pulled out iPods, laptops, or CAT 5 cables, or Blackberries, bluetooth dongles, Mices (Logitech MX1000 *droolz*), keyboards, or something like that you know. What the hell mafia you gotta be ruining everyones day. My day is now RUINED.......RUINED I tell you. >=)


Gasoline Rainbow
LOL ! Whatever...I'm just happy it didn't turn into some depraved spin off of Little Red Riding Hood...you know...this one is too big....this one is too small

if someone want to restart this they can and I will certainly contribute. After about 300 replies it might be funny to read.
The little boy had invented time travel, and the penises were never drew forth (thank you mafia...)
... and he chose to go back just BEFORE that terrifying experience.. and so!

The three men gathered around poor Charlie and pulled out their....

Free ipods that they'd received from their pyramid schemes. Charlie had heard about this and Electronic Punk's hatred of those types of posts on charlie's tech forum so he...

(hey! it's better than penises k?)


X2 & Lovin' It
asked the three men where did they get those iPods from....and the three man answered him "We got these uber cool iPods from FreeIpods.com....."

Sincde Charlie knew about the FreeiPods.com schemes from ElectronicPunkS postings he decided that he would......


High On Life!
tell electronic punk to sign up for the scheme, and have him spam about it too, so then he told electronic punk and he replied...


X2 & Lovin' It
...........as Charlie sat waiting on ElectronicPunk to reply he decided he would go run a few laps around the nearest 7-Eleven and take down any customers entering the esstablishment if they got in his way in which he took down about 2 people and one of them got very angry at him so he...............


Gasoline Rainbow
stood there yelling at the angy man but the angry man pulled out his palm pilot and pointed it at charlie. Because the man's palm pilot was a microsoft product, it was fitted with a CTRL-ALT-DEL button. As the man proceeded to push crtl-alt-del, Charlie ran toward him in very slow motion yelling "Noooooooo!!!!" The sky turned into a smoky pallette of red and yellow. The clouds began to separate and a great beam came down from the sky. A figure appeared to Chalie. OMG its....


Michael Jackson, he has a bottle of Wine and a subscription to beastiality porn, lets scarper guys!
so then charlie was ridding his bike when he realized that his tractor had a flat tyre so he took his scooter to the hospital to check his blood level inside the cows stomach to be able to chew the gume that he bought from the near by supermarket that just closed down due to the malfunction of the new amd processor that just came out from the shopping mall on his way home blah blah blah

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