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The Diff between Nero Ultra/Enterprise?


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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew what the difference is between Nero "Ultra" Edition and Nero "Enterprise" Edition? as i am trying to work out whats the better version is for me :)



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yeah thats what i wanted to know, i think the difference is that ultra edition is just for home users, as enterprise is for company use, as all the difference that i know of is the structure of the serial (correct me if im wrong)


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smells like a google'd answer, just like ma used to bake..

For single PC, go with Nero Ultra.

The Enterprise Edition is designed for business IT use. Backing up PCs and servers, rolling out software.

While the Enterprise Edition does have a few useful features, all in all, the Ultra version is a better choice for a single PC.

Unless, all you do with your burner is system backups.
Apparently..... :D


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I am using enterprise right now and don't really notice a diff. If there are some "more" settings I haven't found them yet, and I been all threw this thing ...


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Thanks everyone, i think they do it more to just confuse everyone hehe coz i was think wtf are these 2 versions coz as usual you go to their site and cant find ne relevant info :p

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