Tell us how much your internet connection sucks


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Never saw this kinda thread. either that or i just don't remember seeing one.

Truthfully, i don't mind my connection that much, except for one thing that is. can u guess what that one thing would be? i'll give u a hint:

Your download speed : 2832609 bps, or 2766 kbps.
A 345.7 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 242424 bps, or 236 kbps.
they upgraded the friggin connection speed from starting out at 512K, to 3Mbps, but the upload rate didn't seem to change at all, which might be why the price didn't get bumped up at all for us exiting customers. sux very much heavily. even the graph makes it look MORE pathetic.


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wish we got speed bumps in the UK

well not speed bump literally like the things in the road, we have them, I mean like speed increases, BT is sh!t


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Who cares about upload, unless you are running a server, which you probably can't with your ISP's rules anyways.


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actually.... i don't think my isp would give two ****z about running a server. well, they might call asking why i'm using just about all my bandwidth 24/7, but that's probably jus about it. and a lot of times, faster upload speeds can be noticed more often than faster download speeds.
Upload is important to me, because I host my own webserver. Yes my ISP allows that, heck they even recommend the type of connection I have for use with servers. The only downside is that they blocked port 25 (because some viruses use this port to send mail using their own builtin smtp server), so running my own pop3 server is useless. Time for another ISP :D


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My internet connection sucks because... No wait! I doesn't suck, it rocks. 10Mbit up and down (Ok, I rarely get more than 5Mbit up, but who cares). :D


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how in the hell did you get that? and u mus be either paying a fortune for it, at a university, or.... work for your ISP.

Glaanie, i think upload is more important to just about everyone. download speeds seem to be able to be regulated more than upload speeds. with such a small upload bandwidth.... using BitTorrent for 2 or more files practically slows my chances of looking at a website to a halt.


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ElementalDragon said:
how in the hell did you get that? and u mus be either paying a fortune for it, at a university, or.... work for your ISP.
Nope. I live in a small(ish) village about 15km from a large city. We pay about $40/month I think. :) 10Mbit isn't too uncommon around here, but mostly in the cities. My new apartment has it too, but that's at the university on the other hand.


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for 512k my connection rocks :p

Downstream Rate: 576 Kbps
Upstream Rate: 288 Kbps

100% uptime, has never been down in the 8 moths i've had it :D


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I'm usually alternating between 3 different connections, depending on where I am:

Home (weekends): 3.5mbit down; 256kbit up cable (on a 100Mbit LAN or 11Mbit WLAN) - good, reliable connection.

Room (weekdays): 54G wireless connection to a Verizon DSL line shared by lots of people, so it fluctuates quite a bit. Currently shows 1.2mbit down, 128kbit up. It's free, so I'm not complaining! My roommate and I will probably be signing up for a separate ADSL account in September though.

Uni: Some ridiculously fast connection both up and down. Last time I checked, I believe it was 24mbit down. Ideal for huge downloads.

EDIT: Found the old screenshot:

This was downloading on a relatively busy server too. I've had 10MB/s (yes, byte not bit) downloads quite often on this thing.

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