"System Idle Process" Explained

Get another screenshot as well of the CPU usage / System Idle - this time organize the CPU usage column so we see what .exe is taking the CPU - I spotted a scroll bar - so try moving it around til we find the executable taking up the processing time.

is adaware up to date?[/I]

I been pushing the system harder than what obtained the earlier observations but haven't been able to get the System Idle Process to "take over" like it did earlier.

"adaware" ???

Working on implementing your suggestions...
The one little piece of the puzzle that seems to be missing from this thread is the reason for so many interrupts and deferred procedure calls. This can often be due to XP downgrading IDE ATA and ATAPI access from DMA to lowly PIO mode. Try using the fix given under "MORE INFORMATION" at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/817472

Google returned your explanation to my search on "system idle process", and your explanation was spot on. THANKS. I'm not an operating system person. Now I just wonder why my lappy locks up when the S.I.P CPU usage is in the 90s. Love any thought on that.

On another note, since your explanation was so clear, I am wondering if you could explain what in the world are all those other processes listed in Task Manager when I'm not doing anything? How can I tell what is vital and what is junk?

I've looked up specifics before, and as much as the results are informative and educational, none gives me the answer to the above question.

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