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Status Update

Electronic Punk

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This is stuff that I have updated recently, chances are I have forgotten alot of stuff but rest assured that I have been spending alot of time bringing the site up to scratch:

  • Fixed the server time again.
  • Fixed the checkbox for check all/none on the private message section.
  • Enabled gzip to increase site speed at a minimal increase in server load.
  • Fixed robots.txt. Site pages will now be correctly spidered
  • Updated the menu lists.
  • Fixed the charset, ASCII characters should now be displayed correctly.
  • Restored original site logos and fixed Orbitz image under Mozilla.
  • Fixed the forum backend for compliancy.
  • Repaired the site backend for Klipfolio 2.0
This is stuff I intend to do as soon as I can!

  • Remove tags from backend
  • Update forum backend to use the same system as the frontend
  • Revamp the articles sections.
  • Contine rebuilding the downloads section.
  • Sort out the damn adverts.
  • Continue to make every single page on the NTFS site W3 compliant.
  • Sort out the news posting images to look good on both varieties of theme on NTFS.
  • Update to vbulletin3 when it becomes final
  • Fix the NTFS WAP Site
  • Write Klipfolio (RSS) guides and WAP guide.
  • Anything else that I can think of


Ooooooh and some bats too. Can you load some cheesy halloween midi music to the page too??? LOL
Are you gonna fix Orbitz too? I really want to use it, but when scrolling through the pages it's sooooooo slooooow. Ekko scrolls like a rocket. Or is that what you are fixing with X-istence right now? If so, I haven't said a thing.


I may actually be insane.
the slow scrolling is caused by the background image, the only way that could be fixed would be to actually remove the background image (which I think would actually make it look simpler/cleaner anyway) :)

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