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star wars best episode yet?


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Im excited to see this! being a 30 year old, it brings back memories of playing with my star wars toys back in 1980!!...gotta love it! :)


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beh george lucas should go blind then maybe he would imporove plot and not rely on special effects. (this is for first 2 lets see how the 3rd one goes)


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I'm really excited about this one. I'm not sure when I'll go see it though, going to be insane the first week or so.

Son Goku

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I'm seeing it early this Wednesday at 12:15 am...

As to Jar Jar, to each their own... But I'd rather Jar Jar be kept to a minimum, speaking for myself :D

The odd part looking ahead, is this is one movie where we can almost guess much of what will happen. The original Star Wars trilogy (eps 4-6) are the biggest spoiler we could get, as we know where the story's going, where it came from with eps 1 and 2, and Obi Wan gave many details away in his reminiscing about these times and discussion with Luke. We also know that Luke, and Leia will both be Darth Vader's son (Luke figuring it out, and then telling Leia in RotJ before facing darth...

Am looking forward to seeing it...

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
I wonder if movie theaters have a different definition of time then the rest of us :D Anyhow, the ticket says May 18th at 12:15 am, so I headed down to the theater today. OK, the official release date is May 19, but they could have been selling tickets for a first come, early showing. Anyhow, it seems the 18th really means the 19th in the theater's own reconing :D

Anyone else found that their tickets are for the day after the date stamped on the ticket, or are they just doing that here in Albuquerque?
NetRyder said:
I knew the tickets were actually for the 19th. But yeah...it is funny that they issue tickets for the 18th although it's after midnight. :D
Yeah but it's still on 18th days business probably. ;)

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