spots on my screen



when i am in windows i keep getting small spots on my screen what do u think it could be?


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Press the degauss button to clear up the dark spots (if that's what they are). If you have un-shielded speakers near the monitor, move them away from the monitor. Move any regular home speakers or any magnetized devices if they are close to the monitor.

You also could have dead pixels and they occure with LCD monitors and with CRT monitors. Some pixels on a brand-new LCD screen could be dead, and show as black spots, or can be stuck on one color (red, blue, or green), or even be stuck on one level of brightness, and so appear brighter or dimmer than the surrounding pixels. But this also occures with CRT Monitors.

You say they are pink spots...

Try reading this...


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Originally posted by lee_uk
i would say about 2 years what is the degauss button
Ooooh dear... :p

Ever wonder what that "degauss" button on your monitor does besides make a buzzing noise and cause the screen to go crazy for a second? Though that's its main purpose, the degauss button has another useful feature. To understand it, you'll first need to know that the earth has natural magnetic fields. The magnetic charges from these fields can build up inside your monitor, causing a loss of color accuracy. Degaussing scares the bad magnetism out of the monitor and fills it with good karma. If your monitor doesn't have a degauss button, fear not -- many new monitors automatically degauss themselves. If you have a flat-panel display, there is no degauss button because magnetism doesn't build up in flat screen displays.


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Try resetting your screen colors down a notch. I had a problem when I had mine set to 32 bit color. little dots all over on boot up. I reset it to 16 bit an now they are gone. Might help.


I ahve a fuzzy spot on my screen that has appeared and my screen is a 17 inch flat screen do i get rid of that?????

No smartass comments either ...Im being serious...

Its only 3 weeks old too..

Originally posted by lee_uk
Here was what my screen looks like with the pink spots
Looks like your color is set to "High Color" instead of "True Color". Try increasing the color depth. Right click your desktop, click "Properties", go to the "Settings" tab, and increase your color depth.

EDIT: lol...I just read this.

Originally posted by wingman411
Try resetting your screen colors down a notch. I had a problem when I had mine set to 32 bit color. little dots all over on boot up. I reset it to 16 bit an now they are gone. Might help.


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I see the problem, you are using AOL. :D

Originally posted by Kermit
Did you ever overclock your vid card ?
This would definitaley cause the problem if the card was pushed too far for too long. If so, try reducing the clock speed to below the factory settings.

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