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Slow Scrolling


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Seems that all pages and apps that I scroll up and down are extremely slow since I formatted. What would cause this? It's driving me batter :s


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Have you messed with the mouse settings in the Control Panel?

Did you install the drivers specific to that mouse or did Windows install a generic driver for it?

Is smooth scrolling enabled in your browser?


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I installed the drivers for my mouse ... when I installed the drivers for my video, I have to scroll and side scroll on my desktop so I uninstalled the vid drivers


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Nope, as I stated earlier, when I installed the latest drivers, I had to scroll and side scroll on my desktop. Up and down to see the icons at the top or down to see my start button and what not. Same with side scroll


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Uninstall and re-install the drivers for your gfx card and make sure you have teh drivers for your mobo installed properly as well.

The jumpiness/scrolling problems you see sound like a typical issue when drivers are not present or not installed properly.


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This is the "Virtual Desktop" thing, correct? Is Windows identifying your monitor correctly, or optionally as plug and play? It may be mis-repoting the available resolutions and associated refresh rates.

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