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Slow 2D Performance with GeForce 6800GT


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Just wondering... has anyone has experienced slow 2D performance on any of the 6800 series cards? I've noticed a general lag when minimizing/maximizing windows in XP, and weird video overlay issues. The image quality is nice, but it just doesn't seem as if 2D is even accelerated at times.

I thought it was leftover Ati stuff since my previous card was a 9800 Pro, but I did a fresh install of XP and it didn't help any. Using 61.77 ForceWare, and the Windows Classic theme with all the 'visual effects' turned off. Also have XP SP2 installed.
Which build of SP2 are you running? It could be that that is your problem, since there are some pretty hefty changes in the complete Windows engine, perhaps they even made changes in the graphical code. It could be that in your build, this code isn't complete yet.
ive got an fx5600 and i noticed with the 61.77 that PowerPoint XP no longer works properly - it only renders half the slide or something. I think maybe the 61.77 drivers were rushed (they're not even WHQL) and thats why you have problems. I reverted to the 56.72 release, but u cant do that cause u got an 6800. Try some of the 65.xx beta drivers to see if the problem stays.


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I assume you have the via 4-in-1 drivers installed (hyperions I believe they are called)


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Yep, all the latest drivers for everything. Just found the 65.62's and installed them too. They haven't really made any difference either.

Overall game performance seems to be up a little though :)


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Ok, I know it's been a long time since the last post, but here's an update:

I've tried updating the card's bios, mobo's bios, forceware of all versions since 61.77, and nothing is helping (I'm using 66.32 now). Although... briefly after updating forceware each time everything is smooth for a while, then goes back to being slow. I can't figure out why this is happening. All my 3D-accelerated games run flawlessly, but what's the use if the 2D is slow?

The last thing I can think of is to try and tweak the 'advanced timings' section in the forceware control panel. Has anybody tinkered around with that? If so, please help! Thank you in advance.


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With the nvidia card i have been getting slow load time on web pages. I reformatted but still nothin but i have gotten use to it now.


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they forgot about somthing called 2d LOL. working hard at 3d and forgot that 2d exsisted, jk thats my lil joke, kinda true though dont u think?


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they forgot about somthing called 2d LOL. working hard at 3d and forgot that 2d exsisted, jk thats my lil joke, kinda true though dont u think?
Hehe, yeah that's true.

I'm kinda afraid to mess with the advanced timings, might blow up the monitor.... hmm....
One thing I have noticed in 2D is when sliding windows around the image blinks horribly. It seems to only be affected when using java applets but I never noticed it before...


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I can't believe I'm still experiencing the slow 2D. I mean, I can only take so much before I'm forced to switch to a different card... *cough* X800 *cough*

Updated to WHQL'd 61.82's today, nada 2D improvement. Was previously using beta 66.81's.


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Don't really think it has anything to do with this, but does anyone know of a way to change the AGP speed from within WinXP, my mobo's bios doesn't allow changing of this. Also, the main memory is running in single channel mode rather than dual channel... pretty sure that has to do with the type of memory used though.

I'm trying to rule out any possible associations with the configuration of my hardware.

And another thing... the very latest patch for UT2004 has resulted in a BSOD as soon as I try to exit the game, and is reproducable every time. The error is that infamous "IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL".

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