services wont start

i did a repair install on this one pc and now some services wont start, they are set to automatic and the are not turned off in the msconfigh thing. but they wont start.

for instance the

DHCP service
Themes service

thoes are hte main ones and there are others,

anyone know how to correct this?
the system according to trend micro, NOD, AVG, Norton and mcafee is free of viruses

also MS AntiSpyware, Adaware, spybot, Highjack-this, all report clean.

American Zombie

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Was the system before repair updated to SP2 and disk used for repair was not SP2?

If so you need to update the system to SP2 or some services will be misconfigured.

Also, here is a list of the defaults for services.

American Zombie

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Well then go through the list of defaults at the link in my other post as one or more services which the ones that will not start depend on may not be running.

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