President Bush: iPod user!!


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j79zlr said:
wow I can't believe how idiotic some people are, and I don't mean the President
Fully 100% with out a doubt and hesitation agree with you ... Ignorant Morons, And I am not talking about the President either ...

And for the notes of who he could be listening to. Well, It could be George Strait, who he has known and been personal friends with since he was governor of texas. He is a major country freak. He listens to it constantly ;)

Another Note: Take a very close look at the pic of him standing by his bike and on his bike. As well as the one of him holding the IPOD. You will see it is not him !!!


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Dont mean to be a thread miner.. but I was looking through this thread and realised I never followed up on people said. In defense of myself over that slightly offensive comment to some, I am sorry. It was not ment to be racisest or anything else. Nor was it ignorant. I was simply saying it would be funny if Bush was listening to any kind of rap I chose Arab rab because of the current war and I thought it would be slightly humourous. Sorry to those who I offeneded. But please understand this was not targeting Arabs speficily. If I chose white boy rap or gangster rap would that be better? I just had this image in my head of bush busting out some rap or something. Funny image in my head. So I hope there arnt any negative feelings.

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