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powerbook g4 not booting from dvd


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hey guys my friends powerbook g4 (1ghz) will not boot from dvd i have an os x 10.4 disc inside and go to startup disk and tell it to boot from it, doesnt work just boots from the hdd. i also tried holding option on the boot, also hold c on the boot, nothing! well when i hold c it gives me a small icon that flashes to a question mark and back to a face i think couple of times then back to os x. i also tried booting from an external with the dmg image. help me mac gurus how can i get os x 10.4 to install!


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Is the disc a "retail" DVD of 10.4? If so is it scratch or damaged in anyway? It sounds like perhaps something is wrong with the DVD/image. :) Also make sure you got the DVD for your architecture, either PPC/Intel depending on what you have (not sure what difference in newer post-Intel DVD's are like).

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