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new amazing nokia!


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check this new nokia out! GAMING! WIRELESS GAMING TOO!!!:D and it looks amazing too with mp'3s and tribad so all you people that live in the states will also be able to use one of the better phones finally (eg p800,3650) all that bells and whistles i bet but the sad thing is it comes out 4th quarter of this year.


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I don't know if I want to walk down the street talking through my Game Boy Advance. :D

Interesting concept, though.


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im thinkin 450 600 £s still its very good my mobiles battery is close to dead but i might wait for this to come out if its too expensive ill steal one :)


unfortunately,its not perfect. for example,if u want to swap cartridges so u can play another game,u have to remove the sim card & battery,then put it back in,which just sux. the screen is also kinda wierd...

i was goin to get it as soon as it was released,but now im not so sure...


High On Life!
howd did u know that?

i dont think that would be true where did u get that information about removing the the simcard to remove the games. i think nokia is much smarter than that. as for the size its not as big as u think. its 133mm width if i remmber right which isnt that big. and i think 33mm thick that isnt that big people!:D

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