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neowin screwed?


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Ok o_87 since you keep leaving IRC lol

to get to NeoWin on IRC:
/server.jerlabs.com (type this in the EFnet window)
/j #NeoWin


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From the neowin chat room.....

<KrypToniK> is Neowin down or soemthing?
<nw|voodoo> yes
<toxicfume> it'll be back up soon
<Quazzi> yes-voodoo says they are workin on it
<<KrypToniK> why does it take me to Yahoo?
<KrypToniK> lol
<Geronimo> there are some issues they are working on
<KrypToniK> oh, cool


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I feel like a spy :eek:

The latest when trying to get to neowin.net

Neowin is closed for now.

We don't have the capacity to support the type of site we have always wanted to bring to our visitors. Despite our best efforts we are still refusing our visitors and long term members the web site due to errors similar to "Server too busy"

Since Neowin will never be just another phpnuke or copycat wannabe tech site we would rather call it a day than continue to limp on our resources. So for now we opt for closure.

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