Need Help setting up DNS Server Win2003


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8 Jul 2002
Hey all,

Wonder if I could get assistance setting up the DNS Server part of my Win2003. I would like to setup it up so that I could redirect the DNS from my registrar to my server.

I do have a static IP address and a domain name (

Right now, I just use my IP address to redirect to my apache setup on my Win2003.

Maybe there is a guide that I can follow.

So far I have put my original CD into my tray and installed the DNS server.


What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to create an A record for on your server?
Yes I am, Thanks Matt.

This is what I got so far (screenie), don't know if I need a reverse lookup as well.

The registrar is looking from something that starts with ns. eg; ""



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You will have to have your ISP change/add the record for your IP address to match that, because your ISP is providing you with the IP address.
Basically you want to create an NS record called then an A record called the same, an A record for "server" and go from there.
Hi GUys,

LofLA, would I create the under my "Server" or under Forward lookup? Would I create it as a new primary zone?

Would it look like this (screenie)? The IP address is my WAN address or is it my server address?



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Forward lookup. Use the WAN address. Your server should be directly connected with no NAT devices in the way.
How does this look? (screenie)

Port forwarding the router is not enough?

Thanks for all the help


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delete all those zones you have. You should only have I said to create "RECORDS" not "ZONES" :) That means right click in and select new record......

Not rocket science :p

It will work through port forwarding, but it will cause problems.
Sorry Bud,

Not thinking straight,

How about this? (screenie)

If I put it through the DMZ of the router, that will be better then?

Thanks a million for your help.


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Cool, you're getting there :)

Now you need to create A records with the correct name and a few more NS records (with associated A records) to keep the registrar happy :)

DMZ is cool, but that stops port mapping to other machines on your LAN..

you seem to have lost me on the "more NS records" part.

I did create more A records, (screenie)

Maybe I didn't understand correctly,

Thanks again,


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see there in your screenie it says Name Server (NS) - you need one for ns1 and one for ns2. You can safely ignore the one MS puts there.
Okay, how does this look?

I think that I am understanding how you are explaining this than going this "checklist" that MS provided in the Help section. looks a lot more introverted through the help section. Especially since it is assuming that Active Directory is installed, which I don't have.

LofLA, thanks for being patient with me.



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I went to the registrar's site and used for primary/secondary DNS, but it still not working, it has been a couple of days.

I wonder what else I might be missing, if there is.


Am I missing something (Lord?) or don't you need to have your ISP change/add an A record for the IP address(es) you are using?
Well, I went logged on to their dns setup page, and entered My new DNS two days ago, but it doesn't look like it has propegated yet, or am I still missing something? I do a WHOIS and it does come back as "", so it is registered.

I ran a tracert on, but it comes up nothing.

I ran a tracert on my domain ( and it does pull up my IPAddress

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