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My New Compound!:D

What do you think of my new compound?

  • Great! Can i move in with you?

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  • Decent

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  • I don't like compound life!

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  • I just dont like your compound

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  • What's a compound?

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High On Life!
hey guys, i dont remmber if i posted this but, i had to move out of my old compound (shall remain nameless for security reasons) and moved to another compound. the reason being is that the british aerospace is renting out hte whole compound so they gave people until their contracts finished to leave, ours was of the first that did, so they gave my dad 4 months but my dad just moved before summer vacation and now my internet connection has a log in screen and redirects after u log in, used to be to yahoo, now its to this, so heres my compounds new site, check it out and tell me what u think,

btw i have one of 6 biggest houses here and i get 2 of the 3 rooms as all my siblings are out of the country. also my house is the only one in the compound that looks directly on to the pool area from my 2 rooms! im pretty happy here! and the security isnt gay about letting friends in as in my old school that was gay you couldnt chill at the reccenter you would have to go to your house only!


High On Life!
forgot to comment, 2 of my best friends live in this compound, but they are in college now, but they come back so its us CANARY BOYS! LOL also im sad that i left my 4 girls behind, but i see them everyday and they are moving close to my compound anyways so its all good, (btw just so u dont think that its a huge distance from my new compound and my old one it use to only take 2 mins by car, but after all the barracades and things it only takes like 3 or 4 mins becuase theres only one entrance/exit.

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