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I may actually be insane.
Already submited this as front page news, but no-one's around to post it yet ;) ..

Anyway, the Mozilla site has been re-designed to be more welcoming to newcomers, take a look at mozilla.org


I've used the Thunderbird email client and sometimes it just randomly "forgets" to save my account settings. I'll stay with Outlook until this client matures...and I'm also using Firebird, I'm not sold on Opera at all, but I like the speed of Firebird. They're doing some great things with this browser.


I may actually be insane.
Geffy, not yet, if it's anything like the mail app that's part of the Mozilla suite then it should be good.

UofEEE, yeah Firebird is the better browser up to a point. I mean the developers are focussing on just the browser unlike the mozilla team who focus on mail/irc/composer/browser, Firebird still isn't up to 100% functionality yet (sidebars!!) but version 1.5 of the mozilla app suite is going to be a big improvement as they are taking a lot of firebirds optmisations (speed, looks, file size) on board into the mozilla browser.

I like them both equally, and use both all the time, but I can't wait for Mozilla 1.5 :)


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I had quick look through the options
but didnt see the disable ugly browser option

man that thing is slow ~ it loaded like ie used to on dialup
well its gone now
probably try it again in another 12 months


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Yes there is... Its called themes :p
About the slow part... well ... its probably because of all the evil "open source" hackers hacking your computer... i got a letter from MS about that.


I may actually be insane.
1. it's not ugly, it uses your windows theme, it also has it's own theming.

2. it's not slow browsing, if I open IE now thats slow, why? because (my) mozilla, unlike (my) IE, has everything cached.. just as your copy of IE does. (possibly other reasons to it aswell, but seriously, the copy of IE on here is like using a 14.4k :p)

3. Benny is right, most people will not like it unless they customise it to their own liking (which you can't do in five minutes)

4. I.. the ultimate Mozilla zealot on the UK.. hated Mozilla the first time I used it, then after about 2 years of trying it 'now and then' along with netscape, it's functionality and superiourity over IE suddenly dawned on me, and now I won't use anything else :)

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