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Project Dolphin - Username: [NetRyder] Date Joined: [2002-11-09] Total Keys: [90,967] Pulses: [0] Rank: [18,539] Team: [] Team Contribution: [90,967]



I may actually be insane.
<SPeedY_B> 2888
<snowflake> SPeedY_B: [tkc / rank: 6,349,192 / 347] [klp: 19,912] [lp: 47mins 16s ] [owpm: 3.08] [dj: 2002-03-23] [nh / k / id: kpzergling / 18,129 / 22804] [tn / tc: zork / 639,325]

All the counts will be wiped when v1.0 of the Client is released (80% sure atm :) )
Nirgle isn't working on the project so much now tho and the client is up to v1.00 Alpha 4 and it's pretty much bug free, so hopefully Alpha 5 will be tested soon, and v1.0 final will follow


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now there are 22 for the team come on we can do alot better have waddy send out and email like an automated one to all the users and then ask each member to join and we could be the number one team on the thing! anyways if this is not possbile just keep typing like i am doing right now. the more mistakes and errors and the longer the better hahaha. so now i have to go finish my homework haha isnt that funny. no it isnt haha. i hate school. well its 12:17 am over here isnt that funny? no!


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ohhh my god!!! i signed to the team after i typed soo much but not the lst post that was contribueted to the team the rest i wasnt part of the team soryy guys come on we can pull it off!


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haha im realy serious about this but also here is a tip start using you keyboard more to browse websites using the TAB key to move accross links then that still adds to your key strokes! Happy keying!


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oh and guys make sure you join the team before updating to the server like i did a couple of times and lost points to the team!:(


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its ok because chating in msn and others will get you good #'s but today i didnt really chat that much! so jewelzz what do you say do u think waddy can send out a mass email asking users to join the team? i mean we do have over 20 thousand users we could easily get to the top!


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To add the thinger to your sig, look at my 2nd post in here, the link is there.... :eek: your sig makes me batty
As for waddy sending out a mass mailing, that's not gonna happen. Just pass the word around to members and friends to join project dolphin Team


I must be really board..........I just discoved that you can use the on screen keyboard to add to you keystrokes


I may actually be insane.
Possibly a Front page article may be in order once v1.0 of the client is released. Then we can get more people to sign up and join the xp-erience team =]
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