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Is WMP 9 Worth It?


I may actually be insane.
As far as i know, no-one's had any complaints from it yet.
I've yet to install it myself so i'd like to know what people think too...


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So far so good here with wmp9. I don't do a lot of music downloading etc, just listen to the radio and check out some movie trailers, but the speed and quality seem to be a definite improvement over provious versions. Some radio sites (eg village voice radio) are "optimized" for wmp9, whatever that means, but sound quality is very good, and I only drop out very rarely. Right now I'm listening to KEXP (University of Washington station supported by Paul Allens Experience Music Project) streaming at 1411kbps!!! Funny that even though I live near Seattle and could listen on the radio, the sound quality is better on the computer!

MS seems to be making some small consolations to not being so heavy handed (even though they required activation for the new media edition Plus!, sheesh), and you can disable most of the obnoxious "we'll go ahead and collect a lot of information from you when you're listening" features. I will never use Real again just because of their heavyhandedness.

I also would be interested in comments on the relative picture/sound quality with other players.....



I may actually be insane.
Just installed it here (Damn that Quicksilver skin is nice :D)
From what i've used so far, which is basically flicked through the options and listened to about 10 mp3's it seems fine and its only leaving a 12mb footprint in memory (out of 256mb)


giving it a try since i'm ready to format my box ......about 10 secs to download and an hour to install ..wtf??

Perris Calderon

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I'm also giving this a try, due to this thread.

took only a few minuts for mine to install

restart was a little scary though.

my box froze on boot, I had to force it down, then on reboot, the box wanted to go back, I told it NO, TRY AGAIN!!!!!

It listened, and all is well


Windows Media Player 9 is a big improvement over the previous ones ... It has a lot of extras, uses way less resources and is more stable, the sound quality has improved also - With dfx 6.11 it is to if not better than my favorite MP3 player Winamp ;)

It also allows you to import winamp skins and playlists .. it has better visualizations, about the only downfall is the plus! features are demo and have notes saying that you should have Plus! XP installed to have the benefit of the full version ..

On a scale for improvments applied I would give this an 8 and for sound quality I would give it a 10 ;)

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well looks like all i see is good things so far... there is only one thing that stands in my way of getting it. i like to rip my music into mp3s so i can listen to them on my computer and i was wondering if it is true about it finding them and deleting them or reporting them to microsoft. cuz i was reading somewhere(might have been here i dont remember) how microsoft teamed up with RIAA.

Perris Calderon

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well, I like allot about this player, but could someone tell me how to get full screen as default?

I don't mean full screen of my display, I mean full screen of the player.

right now, every movie starts about a third of the plaayers screen ,and I have to click the bottom right corner to go to full player screen.

am I stuck with this?


It took me less than 2 minutes to d/l WMP9 and less than a minute for the install. I was not prompted to reboot until after I went back to get the codecs. Since installed, the only problem I have had is for some reason, WMP "forgot" it was the default media player, but once I went into the options and "reminded" it, I have not had one error or problem since.

I have to say, the most nifty feature of WMP9 is the ability to make it a part of the task bar when minimized. I think it is awesome to be able to control the player without having to maximize it.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, I too have noticed a big difference in the overall performance WMP9. WMP8 used to hang up opening large mpg/avi files. They would always open, but there was a lag time in doing so. Under WMP9, the same files now open just like any smaller files.


hmm... cool especially when it can be minimise to the taskbar (i like this feature)...

but the sound cant match winamp even with its dfx... anyway it is better than the previous version.... worth download!!!


from what ive seen it works very well.....but it isnt letting me play some of my video files that the previous one did:(


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Dammit...how do i get it so that when it minimizes it drops to the taskbar with all the play/stop etc buttons?

Mine just go to the bottom like any other app!

Is there an option somewhere?


When you minamize it, it should tell you how :-/

I forget, but just right click on the bar, and add the WMP 9 task bar.

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