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is there a way to see what a person on ur network is doing?



Is there a way, to get access to another person's computer and see what they are doing...like see their desktops, what internet sites they are browsing, what programs they are using...without them knowing?
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No in general there's no way to do this.

There may be a few harder and less moraly correct way, but I won't tell you those here.


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There are ways to do this if your a network system security admin. But as stated this falls under areas that are against the forum guidlines. There are however ligitimate security software companies out there that can help you. If this is not for corporate network security, trust me you can't afford the software.

That is as far as I am going go with this.


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yeah there is a legit way and not too expensive. www.famatech.com

use remote administrator, u have to intstall the server file and put a password that u can access the computer with, and its not expensive.


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well u have to install the server on the pc that u wanna view first, that means its probably ure network, if it isnt then ohh well hard luck its not legal

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