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6 Jun 2004
This has been out for a while now, but I felt like posting it anyway in case somebody still doesn't know about it.

Avant Browser 10.0 Final

What's new:

Avant Browser 10.0 Build 030, Released: 10.25.2004
Fixed the bug of the zone icon.
Fixed the error encoding for status bar.
Improved Interface Drawing.
Fixed the bug of secure lock icon.
Fixed the bug that result in GDI/Memory Leak.
Fixed the bug of Fav-Icon downloader that might result in instable problem.
Re-arranged Options Windows.
Improved translations.

Avant Browser 10.0 Build 027, Released: 10.15.2004
Built-in XML RSS/ATOM Feeds Reader
Floating Bar for selected Text (Copy, Search, Find, Highlight...)
Floating Bar for Flash Movie (Save, Play in Player, emailing, Block...)
Floating Bar for Image (Save, View in Viewer, Zoom in/out, emailing...)
New Message Handling, Improved Stability and CPU usage.
Improved Memory Usage, it's faster with large number of windows opened.
Send a whole page with email
Page Zooming
Support IE Privacy Report
Support IE Security Zones
Improved screen/desktop mode, all panels can be hidden automatically.
Show URL as tooltips for blocked Popups.
Show URL as tooltips for blocked ADs.
Improved Popup Blocker, more popups will be blocked
Save HTML Source of a webpage
Display a list of links to select, when opening/recovering last time saved/opened web pages
Fixed Web Page Printing Bug for certain computers
Fixed the bug that cannot start in Limited User Account.
Countless internal polishes

In a previous post, I mentioned I was staying with IE. But I've been using Avant exclusively since the 9.02 version. This browser is awesome and it keeps getting better. Comes in 34 different languages with built-in cache cleaner and search, the ability to enable/disable pictures, video, pop-ups, ads, flash, scripts with a couple clicks. Avant also handles tabbed browsing very efficiently.

And the thing I like most about Avant is its mind-blowing set of countless options. It is by far the most tweakable browser.

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23 Jun 2004
hotmale said:
This has been out for a while now, but I felt like posting it anyway in case somebody still doesn't know about it.

Avant Browser 10.0 Final
I feel you have jumped the gun on this one as it is not final yet.
How do I know this?
They just released version 10.0 build 031.


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20 Nov 2004
Yeah, MyIE has changed name to Maxthon. It's a free software supported by a Chinese workgroup. Its last version occupys a lot souce.
Now I am trying GreenBrowser, also a Chinese free software.


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3 Jan 2005
Used to be an Avant fan for long time. Not any more. Liked the tabbed browsing, session saving, and built in popup blocker, but they never managed to fix its stability (crashing & freezing), and CPU hogging (specially in Flash or Java based sites). Had enough of it after I figured out I needed to shut it down on a regular basis, in order to be able to work normally. Moved to Maxthon about a month ago, and I'm very happy with it. It has a less fancier look than Avant (though I didn't try its skins), but has the same features I liked in Avant - and more. I definitely recommend IE fans to give it a try.


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