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5 Dec 2001
Internet Explorer

This thread is where you can talk about Internet Explorer and anything that uses it like MyIE, and loads of others.

Enjoy :)
For some reason IE wont allow me to view source on web pages and doesnt seem to be caching anything either. I installed MyIE a couple months ago and it was working back then but now its doing the same thing as IE. All my settings match up with my other machine that isnt having this problem so Im kinda out of ideas? It was also like this about 4 months ago before I did my last reinstall so Im guessing its some program I have installed but havent got a clue as to which one it could be?

[side note] Sorry to see that disaster has struck at NTFS. It took me about two years to get up to my whopping 100+ post count, dont know if I have it in me to type that much again. ;(
I have been using MyIE2 now for quite sometime. However, when I updated to the latest version [MyIE2 0.9.13] it continues to tell me I'm using MyIE2 0.9.11.

I've done a search of the registry for myie and myie2 and have deleted all entries before installing the latest build and to no avail.

Any suggestions as to why it's doing this? Would it be possible that I have the latest version just that it's displaying the incorrect version?
I've been using several versions of MyIE2. Installing over a folder it was previously installed should do the trick every time. I have had no problems with it. I only use other browsers like Firebird to see how a page might look. But since gecko rendering, I haven't had to use firebird for a while. Most pages look better on IE anyway, merely because most people still don't follow standards when write webpages.
been using avant browser for about 6 months... love it, the IE rendering engine is much smoother than gecko IMO, works with every site i can throw at it, has some pretty cool keyboard shortcuts for the tabbed browing system, which has been perfected, and excellent themes. cpu/ram use is minimum. wouldn't trade it for any other browser out there. get the 9.01 beta 6 at
I live by MYIE2 - tabbed browsing and mouse gestures are sweet. No more need to choose between Opera and Mozilla. Love the plugins.

I agree with Vern, "Most pages look better on IE anyway..."
i use avant, and it works great, except for i sometimes seem to get these errors when exiting. I have the 9.01 beta 6, and it happened in the older version that i had as well. Ive tried to narrow when the error occurs, but it seems to just happen randomly. Also im not sure if its avant or internet explorer's fault.


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I been using MyIe exclusivly also. I love it - It has all the features I need and yes pages do look better in Ie. I have the gecko engine engaged in this as well ..
I used to use Opera, and I tried Firebird, but for the past 6 months or so My IE2 has been the only browser I use. It does everything I need it to and I've never had a glitch.
I used FastBrowser until I switched over to Opera recently. I still use Fastbrowser. love that tabbed browsing. Real simple and it blocks the popups. It also has a plugin where you can click on a animated character that can read information in various voices and speeds.
just switched to Slimbrowser from avant and myIE2 and I love it a lot better than the others...try it out I think it's worth it
Is there any way you can get Internet Explorer to open a link on a page whilst its loading. My one seems intent on not allowing me to click on or open links in new windows until its finished loading the page.

as you can see im impatient - SO I WANT AN ANSWER QUICK - got it.... :D
Has anyone used Netcaptor? If so, thoughts?
Pheonix said:
FireFox rocks
Please keep posts unrelated to Internet Explorer out of this thread to prevent any X vs. Y type of arguments. We've had enough of those before, and they always tend to go out of hand. We have a very active thread for discussions related to Firefox and other Gecko-based applications here:

Thanks. :)
When i use IE and hit back, it goes back to exactly what i was doing on the previous page... however using Avant, it refreshes the previous page before going back to it.... How can i get Avant to act like IE in this respect?

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