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Ok, I can't remember if I asked this question in this forum before. And I hope I don't get slapped for asking either.

Does anyone know of the most reliable way of blowing up a cpu in a laptop? i.e. make the machine stop working and yet show no evidence of tampering.

I've heard of pointing a gun at it... well hair dryer anyway.. lol.
Worried that will kill my HD instead of the cpu, not to mention that it'll melt some other components on the mainboard.

Any suggestions?


I may actually be insane.
Just don't do what Gonaads did...

It's far too obvious there has been tampering.

(Yes, gonaads actually did this, the nut case :p)


Duh, all you have to do is wait till Guy Fawkes night and chuck it on the fire, if you can't wait till then send it to Al-Qaieda sure they would do the honours!


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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open it up and take the cpu out, make the connection with the heatspreader less than satisfactory make sure the colling methods of it aren't doing their job and run that bastard as hard as you can. hopefully the heat will kill the cpu but not the rest of the stuff
take out the hard drive(and any other parts you want to keep) and electrocute the sucker. then put the hd back in and test to see if it works. :D
Block the vents or put a hair dryer up to them and start pumping in the heat. Stick a paperclip in through the vent holes and touch the board in a few spots while it's runing, namely connecting a few of the boards routes around the CPU.


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I sealed the vents... blocked the fans from spinning.. and made sure the cpu was running at 100% for 1.5hrs yesterday.... and it's still running fine... lol :p
Don't want to open it up.

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