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how to report bad sectors


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anyone know of any good programs that can analyze a hard drive and report any bad sectors?

my aunt was having trouble with her machine so i did a few scans and found bad sectors on her brand new western digital 160gb SATA. the western digital disk software flagged the bad sectors for me. I told her to bring the computer in (because its under warranty) and the guy at the desk told her it was kazaa blah blah. but i could see it plain as day... BAD SECTORS. so basically im going to go yell at people. i just need an app that will allow me to print a report




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Windows will do it (scandisk, sector check or surface check) too, then look into your event log for the report. Windows XP.

Stop using WD. (Or tell them to)


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ok, im confused.
when i ran the initial tests it said there were bad sectors.

the computer technican guy my aunt took the computer too formatted the drive and reinstalled windows for her.

now when i run a chkdsk, it says theres no bad sectors.
how is this possible? also, if a drive had bad sectors would you replace it?


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yes, i used the WD utitlity to "mark" the bad sector.
when the comp was brought in, im assuming they just dumped an image onto the drive, and told her to go home.

156288320 KB total disk space.
5271788 KB in 32505 files.
10540 KB in 2414 indexes.
0 KB in bad sectors.
108244 KB in use by the system.
65536 KB occupied by the log file.
150897748 KB available on disk.

If you format a drive, does that remove all the information in bad sectors? or do the bad sectors always stick around?


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well if its something that a format fixes then i wouldnt worry too much, but if its not run the wd utility again and should show up if its still dirty

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