How to apply your Style Xp Themes!


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2 Dec 2001
Here is how you all should apply your favourite XP-Theme.
Also if you have found a great theme or have made one share it with us and use the "attach file" option in your message. Looking forward to get some cool themes here!

How to apply Styles XP Themes

(substitute winnt for windows if winnt is your windows directory)

Download StylesXP

Instructions on how to install StylesXP themes:
1. Install StylesXP if you haven't already done so
2. If there is a readme file in the zip, read that. If it contains instructions that differ from this, follow those instead.
3. extract all files to c:\windows\resources\themes\ unless otherwise stated in the readme file.
4. right click your desktop, select properties.
5. click the appearence tab
6. select the the Style from the drop down menu titled "windows and buttons"
7. Click OK (or apply) and enjoy
dont spose you knopw how to apply stylexp theme BUT not the backgrounds in wnidows explorer?

i'm talking about those that for instance if i go into c:\
i get a blue screen saying these files are hidden etc etc'
when i apply a theme, that blue background goes and replaces it wit ha white screen

same as control panel, normal xp theme has a blue backgroudn on the left ahdn side
thats white when i use a skin

at the same time, if i press 'view files' in that c:\ notice, how would i be able to get taht screen back once ive played about with the files in c:\
Another way to load a theme

As explained above Style XP extracts all theme files into c:\Windows\Resources\Themes\. Once that is done you no longer need Style XP - you got all the necessary theme-files. To apply another theme just do the following:

- start the Group Policy Editor (C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\gpedit.msc)
- expand "User Configuration"
- expand "Control Panel"
- then "Display"
- click "Desktop Themes"
- right-click "Load a specific visual style file or force Windows Classic"
- select "Properties"
- in "Settings" click "Enabled"
- enter path to visual style (e.g. %windir%\Resources\Themes\Coughdrop\CoughDrop.msstyles)
- reboot
- you will now have the CoughDrop theme in your "Display Properties"
StyleXP was nice for a few days, then it screwed my machine up. All of a sudden all users were using the original "Classic Windows" theme... and you couldn't switch back to the StyleXP themes. Also, uninstalling StyleXP did not remove it's theme files. Neither did a System Restore.
Most likely it's your own fault mate:) I've been using stylexp since it was launched, and never had a single problem with it! It's however easy to mess things up when trying to load new "kewl" themes, and you're not following the instructions in the txt file.
If you don't want to use StyleXP, you can modify the themeux.dll file yourself to use the stylexp themes out there. It's no big deal doiing it!
I don't see how it could be my fault. I installed it on my desktop machine and my laptop. When I logged off of my desktop and another user logged back in, they were using the Windows Classic all of a sudden... then when I logged back in, so was I. The StyleXP themes weren't even available anymore on the appearance tab.. only on the themes tab, but if you selected one from there, it would lock the machine up.
oh grow up

who died and made you god ? its funny I was in the gaming section and I was not alone looking for a way to make a game work on xp ...... and someone was kind enough to send me the fix actually 2 people did...... its called shareing .... so just relax and take a toke of that bong seems your just a little to paranoid there andy...... :D :D :D :D :D
Just so you know it . I'm the moderator here so I decide what you guys post or not, so you grow up! We have certain rules in this forum and no warez, serials or cracks is a part of them. Deal with it or go's that easy!
and you allow this??

Got this awhile back from another site I believe so no credit to me =o)

You can bypass Windows checking if themes are signed, by patching uxtheme.dll yourself. That is,
if you're comfortable with a hex editor.

Here's the changes necessary
- At offset 0x00009C27, change "02" to "00";
- At offset 0x0000B624 to 0x0000B629, change the string "0F 8C 80 00 00 00" to
"90 90 90 90 90 90";
- At offset 0x0000B6BB to 0x0000B6C2, change the string "81 EC 80 00 00 00 56 57" to
"33 F6 8B C6 C9 C2 08 00";
- At offset 0x0000B71E and 0x0000B71F, change the string "7C 38" to "90 90".

LOLOL but its ok to hack windowsxp dll's and share that info this is from your so called moderated forum..... I belive hacking the dll's in xp breaks the copyright?? so like I said dont jump on me take a look at all the so called posts that talk about hacking dll's and bypassing certain features its all the same..... :p :p
and oh look here? lol

Most likely it's your own fault mate I've been using stylexp since it was launched, and never had a single problem with it! It's however easy to mess things up when trying to load new "kewl" themes, and you're not following the instructions in the txt file.
If you don't want to use StyleXP, you can modify the themeux.dll file yourself to use the stylexp themes out there. It's no big deal doiing it!

-- I came, I saw, I took over your computer! (Microsoft Windoze) --

its you talking about hacking the themes and saying its no big deal to steal stylexp themes and bypass them all together and keep using there themes LOLOL just that I asked upfront and you hacking dll's whats the diff andy?? none and zero I say :p
That have been consulted with the administrator on this page, and found legal. Just so you know it, also has this guide, and their rules are similar to ours. So just leave this away!
PS. I also have good contact with Tony in TGT-Soft, that actually hacked the dll file with their program in the first versions, and it's NOT illegal
well look mate

I know for a fact that hacking dll's is a break in copyright anyone knows that...... no matter you jumped in my face and it is not legal to use someone else's work after the trail expires ie: stylexp themes by hacking something, so please dont make like you have a book that says its ok to hack dll's thats just silly ok so I will leave it at that...... sorry to have ruffled your feathers andy.. ok lets just say that 0+0=0 :D
Sure :). Also would like to say that TGT Soft (stylexp makers) do NOT have copyright on any themes out there. It is microsoft that has made the themeing opportunity and TGT Soft just hacked the dll file so people could make and use other non M$ themes. So you do NOT steal any themes from StyleXP
hey kermit if you are so pissed about not posting warez just ask for someone to pm you with it so you don't have to flame the mod...not a good thing to do...they have these rules so that they don't get shut down for posting serialz, cracks, devils own and other shit like that...check out kassa or morpheus and do your own warez shopping away from the post.
then the flaming continues cool...everyone has there right to there own opinion

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