Happy birthday X

Perris Calderon

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uh oh, I have to send the strippers and the drinks back now!

VERY VERY happy birthday x!!!!

birthday reparubles once you get here!


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Thanks all. And yes, 17 only. Damn does it go fast. I still remember when this site was xp-erience.org and i first found it at the age of 14 or 15. I was always being an idiot on the IRC channel on Efnet, oh the great days.

Then came ntfs, now that was a name that we should almost all remember. Since then a lot has happened. Epunk accidently deleted the database, Waddy kicked us out, and here we are at osnn.net, it has been a pleasure to be able to help Epunk out, and sure am going to make this an happy one. In those years i have learned a lot, from the people here at osnn.net, the posts on ntfs, and best of all, all the kicking and banning JJB6486 did when i was on the IRC channel :p.

I'd like to thank you all again, if any of you are ever in The Netherlands when i am over for the summer again, let me know, we'll go out to celebrate (Legal drinking age is 16 :p)



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Happy birthday. :)

I'm often frightened how young so many people are here. It makes me feel old, and I'm not even that old. :p