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Got my Xbox 360 Premium kit. :)

In mid-March, I received word that I was going to receive a Xbox 360 for winning an internal nationwide contest of sorts through the Microsoft Student Ambassador program.

Well, it just came in on Friday, and since I'm back home for the weekend, I just got a chance to open it up and take some pics. Probably going to hook it up this evening and take it for a spin.

Pictures here :)
Thanks guys. :)

I just hooked it up sometime ago. Haven't had a chance to pick up any games yet, but the Dashboard is really nice. The hard drive has a few sample HD videos stored on it that I watched. Also plugged in my Zen Micro that it instantly recognized, and I could browse through and play all my music using the 360 UI and the remote. Very cool.

Grandmaster said:
Now get a decent game for it :p
Yeah, that's on the to-do list now. :D
I'm not a big gamer at all, really. :) I do enjoy playing occasionally though, and I mainly like flight sims and racing games on the PC, so I'm probably going to pick up Burnout Revenge and PGR3 for the 360 now. They both look sweet. Gears of War and Halo 3 are definitely on the list whenever they're released. I'll also keep NBA2K6...bball and soccer games are usually fun too.
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Oblivion looks really nice, but I'm afraid a RPG will just get too addictive. :p
I have a pretty heavy workload at uni this quarter and I really can't screw up any of my courses. Let's see though...I'll consider it. :)


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that is awesome net!

Costco has a pretty sweet deal on them right now...they had a ton in the store today but I had to resist since I'm probably going to get a car soon...
489.99 Bundle includes:

* Xbox 360™ System ($399.99)
o Xbox 360™ Game Console
o Wireless Controller
o Combination High-Definition Component and Standard A/V Cable
o 20GB Detachable Hard Drive
o Ethernet Cable
o Headset
o Xbox Live™ Silver
o Xbox Live™ Gold 30-Day Trial
* Extra Wireless Controller
* Play & Charge Kit
* Games: Project Gotham Racing® 3

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