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Google IE Toolbar

My good IE toolbar is abit screwy (see attached screenshot)

It goes back to the correct alignment when I use the default XP styles, but when i use my own, such as the one I have enabled now - it knocks the toolbar out of whack.

Is this fixable, or purely an annoying bug?



I've come across that as well when messing around with toolbars. I just simply unlock the toolbars and move them back to where I normally have them placed.
Offical word from google:

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your note. The strange display of the Google Toolbar is
generally related to the use of Windows skins, visual styles or themes
programs. Unfortunately, we do not have a solution to offer at this time.
Please be assured, however, that this distorted display will not affect
the functioning of the Google Toolbar.

We hope to offer a solution to this problem in the near future, and we
appreciate your patience.

The Google Team


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themafia_69 said:
same here!, but in sp2 theres a built in pop up blocker, haha cant wait till sp2 comes out!
If the pop up blocker is anything like the Internal firewall, it will be useless lol .. I hope it's an improvement ..

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