gas going up 25 cents a gallon in states.


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I think I will just start riding a bike. This is stupid, you'd think we have more oil after Iraq? I give up.....time to get out the banana seat bike...

Its just all the damn SUV and over sized truck drivers...they bitch about it, but they dont realize its their fault. The more of something we buy the higher the price(simple econ here). So wtf ppl, get a small car and try not to drive so much


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Over here in the UK we pay about 83 pence ($1.6) a litre, i'll make do with my 1.8 ltr engine as shown in my siggie thank you. lol


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Jimi's right in Canada its over 80 cents per litre...which is way more than in the us and pales in comparison to someplaces in Europe where the price is over 2 dollars per litre.


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Why oh why did I just buy a 2 litre, 13 year old Mercedes? :(
28mpg is not fun... especially if Yank prices are going up, means that our prices are going to too!


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28mpg is great! How can u say thats bad. Most vehicles here get between 10 and 20mpg. I am getting a blazer or a jeep cherokee cause they are 4 wheel drive and have good gas mileage.


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*gasps* Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Do you now how messed up thats going to be for me?

I drive a SUV and putting a full tank a gas takes up $30 dollars out of my pocket at times $60 if I drive all over the place?

Wow I am no starting to realize how much the US sucks!!! Im moving to Europe or somewhere else. This country is starting to disillusionize me.


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I have a 33 gallon tank in my truck. I spend upwards of $60 to fill it up every 2 weeks. It has a V8 in it and gets about 18 MPG, but only because driving back and forth to work is mostly open road and very few lights.


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well, i've heard people use vegetable oil. it's cheaper and environmentally friendly. ;)
watch out for the police. they'll be hunting you down. :p


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It went from like $1.85 to $2.15. I member back in 6th grade about some kid on the news made his car to run on vegetable was really cheap and got good gas milage.


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Man it's $2.50 a gallon for premium here in San Francisco. Damn!

And the worst of it is my Volvo luvs high octane. That's what I get for tweekin the shiit outta it and the Turbo. But it's one quick brick. :D


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Well the problem is OPEC, there the gready c@cks^$&ers that are jacking up the price. Here in the states we just need all the big rig drivers to go on strike till they lower the price.


Well U.K. has the highest petrol prices I guess, (I don't drive myself) I hear on the radio how expensive it is in comparison.

You know why fuel is going up, pay for a pouncy war.


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Lee said:
Well U.K. has the highest petrol prices I guess, (I don't drive myself) I hear on the radio how expensive it is in comparison.

You know why fuel is going up, pay for a pouncy war.
80 odd pence a litre of Unleaded

90 odd pence a litre for diesel


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feel bad for you guys, i have a heavy foot, and my gas lasts about a week, thats good for me? how long does it last for you, btw my car is a 5.7 v8 impalla 96 corrvette engine collectors edition.
prices still the same here 24 cents a litre

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