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Games restarting my computer


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All the recent games out there like the splinter cell chaos theory, everquest 2, and others when they start up. the intro screens are fine but when it gets in game, before it runs it restarts my computer. I have low specs but whats going on?

my specs are 1.3 ghz amd athlon and 320megs of ram. nvidia geforceFX 5200.

I have all the updated drivers for everything. how can I fix this? any ideas?


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Sounds like a BSOD but you have reboot on failure turned on. The 1st thing you should do is turn that off so you can post the error message here. To do that go right click on 'my computer' -> 'properties' -> 'advanced' -> 'startup and recovery (settings)' -> and under 'system failure' uncheck 'automatically restart'.

1) Do you have the latest (DX 9 rev C) version of Direct X installed? The new games require it.

2) Corrupted or buggy version of your nvidia drivers install. Remove then reinstall the drivers. Use a tool like "nasty file remover" to make sure you get the drivers completely cleaned out before re-installing.


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xinside said:
first off.. thank you for the info.. and second the error is..

"problem caused in file : nv4_disp.dll"

Thats nVidia driver :) Do like LeeJend suggested and compeletly remove your graphic card drivers and try and reinstall them (newest ones are best usally).


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I don't see how Chaos Theory could crash your machine seeing as it isn't out yet. Sorry, that wasn't helpful at all. :)


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i would check out what fishboy said about over heating. that could be the cause, clean out all your fans in the case including the cpu fan


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Check your PSU, I had a dodgy one that used to restart my PC. If it's the latest games that's doing this then maybe they're pushing your hardware too much for the PSU to cope with. How many watts is ur PSU?


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chaos theory.. the online beta test.. and it isnt overheating.. it was some reason the drivers all along.. the final nvidia release of the newest drivers was doing it for me.. all I did was download the beta 67.66 drivers and now everything works fine.. thank you to the people who helped me..

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