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i just bought futurama season 1 from hmv on the way home, the first episode is really funny, but it turns out i've already seen most of season one on tv and i fell asleep while watching disc one, but hey next month im gonna get season 2 and get all of the seasons finally, i love futurama it hillarious and random... and stupid hmv put the magnetic tape on the box it took me 10 minutes to remove it without ripping the box


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TittleBitties said:
lol...i that that show. I wonder why they took it off fox? I thought it was doing good.
Fox being retarted (sorry to offend anyone with that term) had it in a time slot that was often bumped for sports, ect. So with all the bumping the ratings didn't do so great since people never knew if it would actually be on or not .. some after several bumps would forgot about it. If Fox had left it alone and run it every week it would have been a whole different story I think.</rant>

* These are the same people (Fox) that dropped Family Guy also


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yeah i know...but my mom is a cheap ass and wont get better cable so i dont get mtv,cartoon network,disney and all that. I know they play family guy on TBS or w/e on certain days but i always forget
ok first of all futurama is a horrible and not funny show. second of all i love family guy and i think its coming to fox cuz i definitely saw a commercial about it when i was watching Arrested developement (sp)!!!!!!


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futurama is soooo funny, one of the best shows eve, the best part is bender, when he steals stuff and talks to people really rude, god i love that guy!
Fishboy(my fellow southern Ontaro'ian) - channel 45 is teletoon. But even then, they dont have a daily timeslot for it. Think it's every Fri night.
it's not teletoon, they put futurama on it, well i dont know what it's called i just look at channel 5 and go to channels accordingly


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Futurama is just fantastic far funnier (cleverer, more subtle, outrageous, geeky) than anything else. I have all 4 seasons on DVD. Magic :D

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