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Flash MX - Dreamweaver MX


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My cureent site was made with Notepad lol. :D I've decided to gegt a but more advanced so I've bought Dreamweaver MX, and Flash MX/

Does anyone know of any good sites that have tutorials, which will help me learn Flash MX, and Dreamweaver MX?




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Hi o_87. I've just started using it aswell, and think it's an amazing product. My first suggestion would be to use the tutorials supplied with the product. Launch DW then press F1, click on Getting Started>Creating your first website then use the black arrow to scroll through the first tutorial. Sounds poo, but I learned quite a lot in a short space of time geared specifically to the DW app.

If you find any sites yourself, let me know!



I have got the macromedia studio mx which has Dreamweaver MX and I must say it is an amazing piece of software well worth the money.


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I never understood why people think dreamweaver is so good (im a notepad/vi/text editor user), personally i dont like it at all. and as for frontpage, it produces hefty amounts of un-needed code making your page bloated and slow! ...yeck :p
macromedia stuff is to the web that photoshop is to graphic arts, the best
and the new mx stuff is the best ever

flontpage is too bloated and slow - crap
Why is dreamweaver so good though?

Originally posted by SPeedYB
Why is dreamweaver so good though ?

what can it possibly do that can't be achieved with a text editor ?
Actually to be honest with you... dreamweaver is not any better than notepad. I have been with lot of hardcore dhtml coders. Pretty much a large number of them hand code everything... and everything is being done on their notepad. If you know your stuff (html/js/css/dom/xhtml) notepad is good enough. But if you are one of those people who like the idea of color coding and aren't good at debugging your script yourself (assuming that we all make mistakes) and want the program to check your errors for you, you should go with something more than just notepad.

So, when you are working with something more than just notepad or a text editor which takes a little more ram, because of the program size; you want stability with that program. Which is what spikemic is talking about.
Now, what makes dreamweaver so good?
I found that it has lots of features to work with and lots of different coding style tied into on single program... (css, asp, php, etc). Besides, since its a macromedia program... it combines the program with other macromedia products... like flash (i am sure you all know that).
So, is dreamweaver still better than FrontPage?
I don't know... its all personal opinion. Its how you run the program and what kind of invironment you like to work with.

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