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Favorite DVD Program?

which player?

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Secret Goat Fetish
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so which is your player of choice for dvd's?, mine has to be interactual player :eek:

it's easy to use, uncomplicated and does all i need :cool:


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PowerDVD just because it came with some hardware I have. Watching DVDs on a big screen on a living room couch is a lot more enjoyable though.


I may actually be insane.
Added a few options to the Poll. ;)

For prettiness and ease of use I like the DVD Player app that comes with OSX, on any other platform, I prefer VideoLAN.

Electronic Punk

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Zoom Player baby ;)
Interactual is a nasty plague (to save myself using the word virus) that has now infected WinDVD.

Using the NVIDIA Forceware Multimedia Codecs with it, that should be released at some stage this week... ?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Electronic Punk said:
Interactual is a nasty plague (to save myself using the word virus) that has now infected WinDVD.
I agree totally - have had to remove it more times than I care to mention, the little blighter. PowerDVD so far because I have been too lazy to install something better - must look into Zoom sometime....


Dabba Dooba
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i use the dvd program on xbox or a dvd player :p. For computer i use either WMP or PowerDvd. Mostly Powerdvd but thats only when i have it installed after somethin happends to my computer.


- geek -
I use to use PowerDVD till the 5.x version would BSOD/bork my box. I made the switch to VideoLAN and havn't looked back. It plays most anything I throw at it.

*edit* - Oh and VideoLAN is 100% free open source. ;)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
HMMmmmm can I recast my vote :p ;)

Thing is PoweDVD just started BSODing my computer with an error code 8E whenever I try to opent he thing (must be some weird clash with my 9600XT on latest drivers?)

So anyway - I checked the poll and just swiched to videolan - now I just have to work out all the configuration so it is simple to start and play (the only thing I liked about PowerDVD was the "click and go"-ness of it)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
HMMMmmmm can I have three votes please? (There should have been an option for those that used many players).... I was trying to watch a DVD last night and VideoLan would just crash with the error reporting screen on trying to play - PowerDVD still BSOD's soooooo - I downloaded ZoomPlayer (standard) and used that to watch it.... was a bit stuttery though, not sure I will use it again unless forced to (anyone know best way to make ZoomPlayer better? I was confused by the config and it was late, or do I need a pro version and some downloading to make it better?)

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