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e=mc2 true or false?

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Recently i have heard from various techers that a group of ppl, have proved that e=mc2 is wrong, like........i didn't understand it that well becasue of the little infomation i had, but its something about the speed of light being slower then the 300,000,000km/h we are lead to belive it is. They say that the speed of light slows down thoughtout time. Maybe someone can put a little light to the subject..........


What u said is wrong, it is not 300,000,000 Km/h, it is only 300,000 Km/h. That is around 176,000 Mph !!!

I am 14 and I know that !
jus answer the question
n dun piss the guy off...lol :p
ahh wells....if they find out..they'll start teachin more stuff.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh....lol


MAn im sooooooo really really sorry for puttin the wrong figures, but hey we all kinda went off the topic here hey
Something to read on the topic concerned: :)

Speed of light slowing down, claims scientist

AFP [ THURSDAY, AUGUST 08, 2002 9:20:24 PM ]

SYDNEY: A scientist in Australia claims he has found evidence that the speed of light is slowing down, a discovery that would unravel Einstein’s theory of relativity and revolutionise modern physics.

Paul Davies, a theoretical physicist with the Australian Centre for Astro-biology at Sydney’s Macquarie University, has put forward his thesis, based on measurements of light travelling billions of years from giant stellar objects called quasars.

According to the measurements, taken by an astronomer at the University of New South Wales, a 12 billion-year-old stream of light has properties, which appear to violate accepted laws of physics.

Davies says the only possible explanation for the unusual data is that the speed of light was faster six to 10 billion years ago than its current speed of around 3,00,000 km per second. The theory, published in the scientific journal Nature on Thursday, notably raises the possibility that light may have travelled at an infinite speed at the time of the so-called Big Bang, which physicists say marks the creation point of the universe.

"It’s entirely possible that the speed of light would have got greater and greater as you go back (through time) towards the Big Bang and if so it could explain some of the great mysteries of cosmology," he said.

"If the speed of light were nearly infinite in the first split second, it would explain why the universe is so uniform, for example, on a large scale," he said.

If his theory stands up, Davies said, it would be the biggest scientific revolution since Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity — which the new hypothesis would demolish.

One of the most important elements of Einstein’s theory that energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared (E=MC2) is that the speed of light — ‘C’ in the equation — is an absolute constant.

"Einstein would have absolutely hated this," Davies said. "His theory of relativity was founded on the notion that the speed of light is an absolute fixed universal number."

"If these results hold out, we need to start re-examining the very nature of space and time," he said. "It also affects other branches of physics like thermodynamics and quantum physics. The very basis of all our fundamental physical theories — if these observations are correct — seem to be in the melting pot," he said. Davies said it also needed to be tested whether the speed of light was continuously slowing down or whether it had hit a cosmological "speed bump" billions of years ago.


I'm sorry Hal...
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How did Einstein come up with E=mc² (E=mc^2)? Did he just dream it up? What does it have to do with Relativity, which deals with time dilation and length contraction at great velocities Well, the equations involving time dilation and length contraction have consequences. One of these is that as velocity increases, mass increases.

Energy can be used to make an object accelerate. Some form of potential energy becomes kinetic energy, a simple conversion. But, the equations of relativity show that it becomes increasingly difficult to accelerate an object. Sorry, I won't show the algebraic details here. More and more energy produces less and less acceleration. There is an increasing resistance to acceleration. Resistance to acceleration is mass (inertial mass). The equations suggest that the mass is increasing, as the velocity increases. This means that part of the original energy is converted to kinetic energy, while some of it is converted to mass. And the equations show that the relationship between this energy and this mass is E=mc² (E=mc^2).

From there, Einstein deduced that mass is just another more compact form of energy, obeying the famous formula. And that, in turn, led to other consequences.

And, of course, E=mc² (E=mc^2) has been tested an enormous number of times. Subatomic particles do gain mass if accelerated. And nuclear reactions (including those used in nuclear weapons) involve conversion of mass to energy or vice versa.
Einstein has been challenged and proven wrong before. Physicists make a career out of challenging him, only in the end to be proven wrong themselves. By the way, light travels 176,000 miles per second.


Yeah, Sorry SnookBooger, It was 176,000 miles per second. I said it wrong, 176,000 miles per hour !

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