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Does anyone kno how to.....?


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hello fellow OSSN-ians -ites i was wondering if anyone knows how to perform a multiple download or know of any other programs that can navigate through web sites and download such things as jpegs only or zip files and stuff. I remember pulling this off before when i was on a project I was so bored but I cant recall the programs I used. I do remember using FlashGet and MetaProducts Offline Explorer Pro to pull this off but I am still looking for other programs that can do the same job with any other options or features. Thanks for your help. :)

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Reget has an option to "download all" from a webpage that makes a window appear and you can check/uncheck what you want from that page.
I think all download managers have an option to "download all". However I'd recommend against getright as its creators are badnwidth thieves with their "mirror" database. Every time you download a file the link gets added and the site used as a mirror without the site owners permission.

I myself have fallen victim to this and thusly sent them a rather blunt "stop or I'll bill you" notice.


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I was playing with crawlers to extract pictures some time back ... even started a thread on it. None were very effective though especially when the site is composed of a dynamic gallery software. I used HTTrack, Teleport Pro, and a couple others.

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