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diff approach to cooling.

I've been toying with the idea of liquid cooling my rig for a while, but the thought of liquid in my pc doesnt sit right, plus I really don't have room for all the necessary hardware in my case.

Reading articles on heatsinks, you always see references to temps above ambient. Well, couldn't a mini AC unit be used to cool the air in the case making EVERY heatsink work more efficiently? The thing could mount on the back panel using the fan hole(s) already cut out. Of course, you'd have to seal the rest of it up.

The trouble is I cannot find anything close to small enough anywhere online, and the smallest ones are actually evaporators, not true AC units. I can't even find anyplace to custom make one. Basic refrigeration principles aren't too complex, but I don't have the tools to try making my own.

Ideas anyone?
take off the side of your case...put a big fan that you would use to cool a room down right next to it...and put it on high....
Lol. well, OK, that is an idea. I don't really have the room for that type of thing, but I will keep that idea. :)
catch23 such a good idea. and water cooling is going to catch on, but it will take a while. Not to mention to raise confindence umong users
Hye thanks [CpK]Bastid!! Thats about the size cooler I was looking for. Now, if only they will sell just the cooling unit, I can make my mods.

I'm not looking to cool just the CPU, I want to lower the overall temp inside the case to about 60deg F. I want to basically take that coolg unit and attach it the the back of my case where the 2 fans are located. Then all the devices can benefit. Since the air will be in a closed loop, there won't be any more dust bunnies!


Ac for the pc

Hey I was just wondering.....wouldn't "Air Conditioning" your pc cause some condensation? Im no expert but I have heard that water and pc's dont get along to well.....maybe i'm just crazy :eek:


how about u simply put your tower near where your ac vent, where all the cold air comes out... or maybe a slot fan, less than 20 dollars...

of course, my ideas are the simplest... i'm not advance enough to try water cooling yet
Well, I already have 5 fans (2 intake in front of HD array, 3 exhaust), but I want to get rid of most of those and replace with a mini AC unit. It would keep the whole interior cooler which would benefit the CPU, chipset, GPU, and harddisks without seperate extra cooling devices. I would still use the current CPU, chipset, and GPU fans, but they would work more efficiently since the air is cooler.

I do have an AC vent in the room, but it's not very convenient to place the case near it (nor running any weird ductwork).

As for condenstation: I already thought of that. When an AC cools, it also inherently de-humidifies, therefore less moisture. I don't want to cool the inside to anything extreme...maybe about 60 deg F. I'd also like to have a feedback control that would cool more if the CPU temp gets higher. The condenstation occurs when the CPU is cool, but the air surrounding it is warmer by comparison.

I stopped by a local PC shop today and explained to the sales guy what I wanted. He said there was a company called Cryo-something but couldnt remember exactly what. I haven't found its web site yet, but he said they have exactly what I am looking for.
I took a look at the link, but I don't thnk that is what you want. The fact it needs a water bottle (assuming for supply, not draining) means it is an "evaporative coolor" versus and air-conditioner". Plus a real AC unit would need more power than 2 D batteries could supply because you need at least 2 fans and a compressor pump. The unit would have to be REALLY small and/or extremely efficient to be able to run off 2 batteries for any length of time.

-EDIT: I get it now: the water bottle has ice. The air blows across the ice bottle. This does sound like a pain in the butt to keep running.

An exaporative cooler works by blowing air across a wet surface or by blowing air across a spraying very fine mist. This is BAD for components as you may imagine. It is quite simple and effective for humans though (esp in dry climates) since we cool by evaporation.

An air conditioner on the other hand, cools through the compression/expansion cycle of a coolant in a closed loop pumped system. There is typically 2 fans: One to blow air across the fins of a "cool" radiator which is blown into the area to be cooled, and one to blow air across the "hot" radiator to rid the coolant of the heat accumalated as it "picks up" the heat from the room. Since the "cool" fins are cold compared to the air, moisture condenses on the fins and drips away (provisions must be made to catch this runoff on an indoor system). This makes it a dehumidifier as well.

I am still looking for the answer, but so far no luck :(




One of my friends works in the claims department of an Insurance company...somewhere they had a REAL rainy season, and the humidity was so high it shorted out their computers...ouch...


Originally posted by DeepBlade
how about u simply put your tower near where your ac vent, where all the cold air comes out...
Makes a WORLD of difference. Keeps the ol' P4 chilled;)

Freezes my dang feet though...
Well, putting the PC near my vent is not convenient. It is right under a window. My desk would block the window then, and the wife won't allow that: a decorative faux-pas (spelling?).

Running ductwork simply won't do either for similar reasons. :rolleyes:

Plus, that wouldn't be as cool (no pun inteded) as using a mini AC unit. :D
got a intake fan on the bottem front
and the psu fan for exhale and one on the top of the case exhale
computers intake is placed over the vent
it pulls the cool air in...runs it thru the computer..n puts it out the top to me :D

it works really good
the temp outside today was bout 36*C
and my cpu was 26*C idle
system zone 1 = 16*C
and system zone 2 = 24*C

that is when left on overnight...(idle mostly..probably lower cuz i started doin stuff b4 i checked the temp)
Now all you have to do is replace your big external central air unit (or even window unit) with a teenie tiny version so it fits on the case nicely :)

I'm wondering if there is a company out there that can custom make this sort of thing. It is a bit unusual to use an AC unit that small.


The company you're looking for is KryoTech I know they produce an AMD based sys. that is refrigerated - whether they sell refrigeration units themselves is another question. A company called Koolance sells a water cooled case. It's off the subject, but does anyone know of a utility that will accurately tell me the fps my card can handle?


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