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Dell 2007FPW's For Sale -Two Total


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I have two brand new, factory sealed, complete with 3-year warranty Dell 2007 20" LCD Monitors for sale on eBay.

Long story short, stupid me didn't measure my desk and they both won't fit. I bought them in a "school-girl-like" gittyness for the price I found them for, and now have to turn them back around and sell them :(

I will have them both in hand this Friday, which is before the first auction ends. Priority shipping to the lower 48 for $30, although for OSNN people I'll charge you actual rates. The $30 is from my house to Beverly Hills to cover the whole country.

I will also ship Internationally, obviously extra shipping costs apply.



My feedback on eBay speaks for itself, bid with confidence :)


Mr. Bananagrabber
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Damn :(
I really wish i hadnt bought my monitor, those look so great...
And I bet the shipping would be nothing to my house :)


F@H - Is it in you?
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I am tempted also. Would have preferred a direct pay thinger rather than a bid. lol.


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eBay ended one of the auctions, apparently I used Dell's photo of the monitor and that is a no-no. Too bad the rest of the UNIVERSE does it too :dead:

Anyways, I re-listed the one they cancelled, and probably only waiting for the second one to get killed.

Anyone with interest to buy these off eBay, make me an offer :)

EDIT: Here is the link for the new auction http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-DELL-2007WFP-2007FPW-20-FLAT-PANEL-LCD-MONITOR_W0QQitemZ8807311802QQcategoryZ86706QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem


High On Life!
damn i would be very tempted, but not now lol, when i get back to canada in august, im in saudi now, off to the capital in like 20 mins with my dad to go get visas for europe WOOO HOOO!


Bow Down to the King
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eBay blows now a days. They have so many rules. I remember when I could by Nazi memorabilia.

No, I never did, but it's the point of the matter.


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Just really annoying because like everyone else who is selling the 2007FP used that photo.

Here is the image in question:



Mr. Bananagrabber
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I saw that pic a million times when i was lloking through the monitors...
What gives?
Thats is definately not a "no-no"


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New desk isn't an option.

This desk was bought about 3 months ago, needed something that was a bit more friendly to the eye since it's in our living room. The desk is actually really nice, I like all the shelves/compartments and cubbies if you will.

The 24 will suit my needs just fine, until we get a house in about a year then perhaps I'll add another ;)


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No one is in the market for them right now, but I did just sell a few of those Dell systems that were on sale this past week, made a nice comission off that ;)

Those all came with 19" FP's, can't justify a 20" to most people :eek:

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