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What is the best Compression software? i used to use winace but now i use winrar and im quite happy with it i have 3 the new one but i always see files that are compressed more than what i can do in winrar how do other people do this. i saw one ps2 like boot cd that was compressed from a 700mb file to a 2mb file to a 1mb file! and also a game i downloaded that was like 100mb and opend up to be like 700 or 40mb i want to get these kind of results!!!:D


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i remember this exact same post that happened to be the first post i saw before i signed up here.

catch23 said he was compressing 3 gigs...but he never finished it because of some rainstorm... why not just find a big wellie and put the computer in there.

that was the first of august.
heh. I can only imagine Catch sitting there fuming about how slow the darn thing was going...lol and then a thunderstorm made him turn everything off :p
*bump* Does anyone actually know about compression?

Mafia69; I think you should post this in applications; it might be looked at a lot more then it is here.

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