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changing the fan on my gf4


High On Life!
hey guys, recently my fan on my gf4 ti4600 has been dying, so i got today a vantec iceberq4 pro, now im trying to take the old heat sink off, i took out the fan already (3 screws) but i dont know how to take the heat sink off. i tried twisting and pulling, but i dont wanna ruin my card, i have the Visiontek version btw. thanks in advance, btw what do u guys think of the vantec fan that i got, i just wanted anything that will keep it cool.


The Analog Kid
Heh, I just saw the title for this thread at the top of the page and it read "changing the fan on my gf..."

I was kinda wondering what kind of girlfriend you had.


High On Life!
anyone? i wanna take it off now, im probably ganna fall asleep, its almost 5 and im soo tired, i tried alot and its annoying it wont come off!


The One and Only
uuh... aren't there black clips going right through the edge of the fan and the card? there should be.... unless said card you have is different. by clips, i mean little pins near the edge of the fan that you push down to clip through holes in the video card's board. should be the only somewhat pointed piece of plastic you see sticking out the bottom of the card. here is a pic of what the pins look like when entirely removed from the fan. the way you would remove them is push down on the end on the side where the fan is mounted, which forces the pointy end out farther. then, take a small pair of pliers (needlenose pliers preferably, due to their small size), and CAREFULLY squeeze the two parts of the pin together that are preventing the pointy part of the clip from going through the hole, and push it through.

Edit: the second picture shows the pins i'm talking about (if this is you're exact card that is.


High On Life!
on your picture where the two clips are, there are only like rounded things sticking out from under the heatsink
Is that a picture of what your card looks like? if so, there has to be some way to get those 2 pins off. press down on the top of the pins to make the rounded things move away from the board. maybe then you'll find a way to remove them. either that, or take a pic of what said rounded things look like after pressing the top of the pin.

If we can't figure out a way to remove them normally, you might even be able to just carefully cut the rounded things off


The Voices Talk to Me
I had this problem, use rubbing alchol and a q-tip hell douse the area in it, it will sofften it up, just takes a bit of work. I also used a knife to scrape any of the paste that I saw and just kept trying to twist off the heatsink. It was a real pain but it did come off.
hmm... the one on my FX5200 came off super easy.... maybe cause it just used the thermal paste, and not the stuff that hardens. either that.... or cause i took mine off shortly after turning my PC off...


High On Life!
mee too, so can just dip the whole thing in alcohol? cuz the rubbing pads arent working its ****ing annoying, i ripped off the gill looking things with a leather man, but i also accedently scratched the board, hopefully nothing happend but this is a pain in the ass i wanna kill visiontek! and the alcohol wont get under the heat sink

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