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Change XP Product Key

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Ok now i know there are legitimate reasons for this guide but to me it seems the only real reason for this would be if you own the Devils Own corporate version of XP. Now i have in the passed used some pirated versions of software and still do now and again ,but i dont dare bring it up in any of the forums for the fear of being flamed like crazy for this forum group is anti piracy, or at least on the surface it is. Now this guide seems to go directly against everything i read in the forums, it seems to be a work around for those who have pirated XP and are worried about not being able to install SP1. Do i think its wrong to post this? No, i infact copied this down for my own uses, whatever they may be. But do i think this goes against what has been stated before in the forums? Yes it seems to go directly against it, i have seen many post saying such as We do not support or offer any help in pirating software....ok now i leave this up for discussion. If you feel i am wrong in my thoughts please discuss i want to actually get feedback and not flames.


i also use pirated software now and then. ill admit to it. i agree that guide is basically saying if u used the fck..... key heres how to change it so you can install sp1. all you need is a xp keygen and your all set. i think it should be taken down


Famine i love it also...very useful, but useful for illegal purposes....In my opinion.


My two cents

I dunno if this is right on target but here is my two cents concerning pirating software and this issue about chaning the cd-key.

I think the main purpose of being able to change the cd key is to prevent having to format when the new service pack comes out. That could be taken in many ways.
1) a person got hold of another pirated key needs to change it
2) a person bought a real version and wants to enter the new key
3) some other reason ai can't think of

Now the question remains is the pirating of Windows XP ok? No, but do I hold it against people who do it... hell no. Microsoft overprices their product like no one's business. They make most of their money off of government and other big business so why the little consumer pays so much is a mystery to me. I also don't like the way microsoft is handling the problem with piracy. Having to contact them for a cd key and not being able to use it on multiple computers in one home is rediculous. I'm actually for any group or affiliation that wants to crack their product. I don't think Microsoft is the big evil corporation that everyone makes it out to be, but I know it to be far from innocent. And you can't expect we the users to be honest when MS can't be honest either.


I agree with nubs on this one, There may be a legitimate reason but most likely it is not going to be used for legitimate stuff. Its like posting on how to break into an car and get away with it, but only for legal reasons.

Good point........... How many on this forum, not just the people that are active with this post, use the Windows XP Pro they got from a friend or Kazaa or mirc.. etc and use the leaked corp key ????

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Well I inherited a very good computer with XP Pro installed, this was not from a retailer but a work environment, their was/is a lot of sensitive stuff on the machine.

It has a corporate load of xp yet we have no disk or data due to the previous company going belly up, we have our own corporate keys, but no IT guy so thanks to the post we now feel safe with this install as it has our keys and we had not lost data due to a format we were faced with doing.


Actually there is more to this than the article like running regwiz /r to fix your WPA numbers from the dreaded middle number of 640. However the article did NOT tell you were to get the KeyGen that actually works on ALL XP versions, so therefore I conclude it was a public service. We don't wish to lose our friends on here over "I bought it, you shalt buy or die" tactics.

It is easier to buy it than warez it. Point in case tho, in defense of the article:
You cannot find your product key in the MS XP PRO Corp software!
Not unless you know MS speak.

It's about time someone pointed out how to do this. I've been aware of this but have little faith in those saying that this leads to piracy considering MS is mounting a code blocking campaign the WILL lose. Their SP1 which I use is nothing more that "I comply to the FED anti trust thing"

So who would care otherwise?

Originally posted by Famine

Good point........... How many on this forum, not just the people that are active with this post, use the Windows XP Pro they got from a friend or Kazaa or mirc.. etc and use the leaked corp key ????

:confused: :D

YA.. what he said !!!! :cool:


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hehe, my first post

Well i would just like to say about the Devils0wn, there came one key with it which will make SP1 disable your system if it is found. And it seems like a lot of people use it. So people get scared and someone smart, comes up with this, hooray, but now M$ will get like a million phone calls from people wanting to activate the new keys to be able to install SP1.
But dont you think in some way this is still just as illegal, cause now you can use the product and noone will know it is a cracked version. So in a way this is another way to get and keep things for free taht you did not pay for.
How do you think the people that bought XP feel (I am not one, but i got it for my B-Day). They must feel awfull knowing they could have downloaded it, used this bypass and keep on using XP when SP1 comes along.

Well that is my 2 cents



I've gote a way easier way to do this

OK there is a much simpler way to change your product id key atleast. All you need is X-qteq Setup, dont know if you heard about this its a great tweaking tool in one of the system options you can simply change your product id, only the middle numbers i the ones that SP1 checks because i tried it with a fck cd key and wouldn't install, like some one else therse a keygen that you can put a legimate corp cd key in and will give you, the middle product id numbers which is all you need. Hope its helpful. :)
I think it sucks for the mods since they spent so much time keeping that stuff off the forums and then waddy posted the work around on the front page.
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