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Canonical Ltd. is giving away free CDs of their Debian based desktop Linux


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Dang,, havent been here at the forum in a while so I figure i would bring some cool info for the OSNN members.....

Canonical Ltd. is giving away free CDs of their Debian based desktop Linux distribution
The Ubuntu team will send you Ubuntu CD's at no charge, for you to install and share. We will cover the cost of shipping the CDs to you as well. If you would like to receive Ubuntu CD's, please create a new account and tell us where to send the CD's and how many CD's you would like to receive. We promise that we will never send spam to your email address, and never sell or give away your information.

here is the link order form

here is the homepage

enjoy people

BTW//i ordered 10 lol
You requested 20 CDs. They will be shipped the following address:

Glenn van 't Hof
Heemskerk Noord Holland

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:D 10 x86, 5 PowerPC and 5 AMD64 CD's :D Dunno why I ordered so many, but hey, it's free :D
Thanks for the link bro/sis :)


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Time to force linux down the throat of the tech people at school :p.

20 x86 (That should last me long enough, otherwise ill have to make some myself)
5 PowerPC (I have 4 friends who have an iBook. Plus me, so it is fair)
5 AMD64 (For when i get AMD 64 :p)


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tittle,,,,,,,,,Debian is pretty good.....even though its open source the free CDs rock! w00t!!!! BTW....my frined ordered 50 copies of each and did get all that he requested so the deal is good :)


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I've been hearing lots about Ubuntu. I'm glad I can get free CDs this way.

Thanks for the link!

30 CDs coming my way.


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he he he...gonna try it. Maybe send it to one of my friends? muhaaaaaa

anyway...when r they suppose to be here? like how long does it take?


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PPC Distributions, superb! That'll be placed onto my desktop soon then :D

Will actually get round to installing this one at some point (Unlike the SuSe CD's :p)


I may actually be insane.
Yup, debian flavour. One of the more easier linux' to use... and handily comes in a build for PPC architecture. *does a little dance*


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is it one thats just bootable? u dont have to install it, just like knopics std? btw i forgot u can have linux on macs. thats cool, hopefully ill be trying it on the g5's

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