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Cannot file/printer share thru. wireless


Simonsoft Network
Hey all, I'm having a bit of a problem. My whole network is wireless, all computers could connect to the net, it's just that they can't see each other to do any file sharing or printer sharing. I used to be able too but onces I upgraded my old system from 98SE to XP Home, they are not able to see each other. Here's the run down:

The type of router I used is WRT54G (Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router) and have the settings to B-Only for wireless. Has no encrypition, yet. My Computer and my XBox is hook up to the ports of the router. My system is running XP Pro SP2

The family PC uses a Netgear USB Wireless Adapter (an older verson) and that system is running XP Home SP2

My laptop came with a built in wireless card which was free from dell, this laptop is running XP Pro SP1

They're all belong in the same workgroup, but they just don't want to see each other, and with the system that's running XP Pro, I tried it with and without Simple File Sharing and I still get it to work.... Any help well be helpful... thanks.


The Analog Kid
Run the network setup wizard, create the floppy it wants to and then load that onto the other computers. That's the easiest way, but not guaranteed to work. I'm just too tired to type more. Try that and see what happens.


Simonsoft Network
I did updated the frimware sometime last month but, then again, I was still able to see all my systems... but once my sister laptop died and I updated the other system from Win98SE to WinXP Home, they were unable to see each other and I'm still trying to get my new laptop to see each other :(


Simonsoft Network
Only my computer is using a Firewall and that's ZoneAlarm Pro and I have it so it'll accept my network (or atleast I think *goes check* For the internet zones settings, I have it on high, and then in the zones part, I added a range of IP to trust (which is for my network)). All other computers doesn't have a firewall and don't plan on using it's built in firewall. The router's firewall is also off (thinking about turning it on once I get everything working).


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
zonealarm is evil!!!!!

game me lots of probs with my network, i use kerio :eek:

even though i had it set in network with i.p address same as you. turn off ALL firewalls .


Simonsoft Network
But why would that make any differents?? I had this firewall on since Dec. of last year and was still able to connect to my network o_O

ok, wow, that is weird... now I'm starting to see all my systems o_O I guess I'll keep my Firewall off tell I find a better way o_O

thanks for you help :)


is your wrt54g connecting and dropping for no reason... then it wont connect at all even though it sees the router.


Simonsoft Network
hmm... my computer is able to connect to my family pc but it won't let me access my laptop and my laptop can't get access to the network at all (other then getting on the internet)... is it because it's running XP SP1 while all the other systems running XP SP2?? Is XP SP2 being racest of it's older Services Packs??

OK, I figured it out, I now got them to network together with ZoneAlarm on, and I remembered that my laptop uses Norton Firewall (came with the laptop), I found out I was using the wrong range of IP addresses, added the correct range and everything works just fine :)

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