Bought a new LCD TV / Monitor


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Pretty nice! 32" 1366x768 Viewsonic.

Picked it up for $1277, but when I find one cheaper Ill go back and get the difference paid back to me. OSNN has never looked so glorious!


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thats a good price, whered u get it, i dont think you can find a better price, but if ya do thats good too haha!


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CompUSA a few miles down the road. :) I saw it on CNET as a decent competitor for cheap LCD TVs, much cheaper than the Dell but it scored slightly less. I can live with that! It was $800 as of 2/25 but I was a day late, I financed it at $1277, 24 months no interest. However they'll honor a cheaper price when it goes back on sale (they always do...) or if its cheaper somehwere like Best Buy (not likely!). Either way, I'll have it for $800 soon! Soooo cheap.


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Very very very nice monitor, I'd love to get that one, but I think I'm sticking with the dual Dell "20.1 monitors


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Bman™ said:
Very very very nice monitor, I'd love to get that one, but I think I'm sticking with the dual Dell "20.1 monitors
One gripe, it has a 12ms time..but during some games I notice a bit of the ole mouse trail effect. Very slightly. Also periodically it must have refresh rate issues where it seems like I notice some error out of the corner of my eye with the rate but I cant see it officiallly.. It doesnt bother me since its so rare but thats what you uget with the "cheap" LCDs. Seems like a VERY nice display though!

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