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bluetooth and wifi question


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ok i just bought the o2, xdaii pda and it doesnt come with wifi. but it does come with bluetooth. well i didnt really pay attention to something unless i have it and now i do. well its been in my head for a while so here goes.

isnt bluetooth just 802.11b which means i can get my linksys wifi adaptor to send stuff to it?


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as far as I know it does use the same frequency as WiFi 2.4GHz. but no, you cant send stuff from WiFi to bluetooth as far as I recall.
Same frequency range, but bluetooth uses a frequency hopping system to reduce frequency clutter and so on, wifi has different packet and frame bits and does not use the same encryption as bluetooth though the algorithm is very close to WEP


My Yngy is My HoneY!
ahh icic. thanks for the update guys. guess i have to get a wifi thingie me bop for the o2.

ming: the o2 xdaii is great, cept for the emm yea wifi problem hehe. but if u want to get i would think the xdaiis or something? or the xda2i. dunno what its called in england but here in australia they are called imate2k =/.


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imate?? haha :p

bugger.. no wifi on the xdaii. :(
would prefer one with both to be honest. Would have bought the Sony UX-50 PDA which has bluetooth and wifi, but Sony has pulled out of all the pda market except japan.


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ahh.. xda2i seems to be the best one available. :)
wifi + bluetooth.

do you know if it comes with apps like excel and word?

EDIT: sorry, just checked the o2 site. it does have pocket word/excel. :)


My Yngy is My HoneY!
yup2, the i version would be the way to go. now i gotta buy this thing that cost $100us just for wifi. :(. then again i only bought it for 230pounds if i converted right. so meh. well if i sold my video card and my ram i could buy a new one haha.

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