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Best for Gaming And Video Editing


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IN your opinion (osnn), whats better for the above applications AMD or Intel, this is not a flame, just need to know which to buy for a new system, thanks.

I'm under the impressive AMD for gaming but Intel for Video Editing, just what i've read, but i want one to do both.
I was under the same impression as you.

One thing I've noticed, is that the differences in video editing is in seconds. Look at this review: http://anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2429&p=5

There is like a 12 second difference in the two chips. So what?! Is ten seconds that valuable?

Then if you look at gaming, further on in that article I linked, there is maybe a 10-12 FPS difference. I do alot of gaming, and honeslty, 10 extra FPS for a few hundred more ( the FX over the new 6xx chip), I would have to say the AMD chip is better comparing the prices from pricewatch.com. If I can get 60fps with everything on, then I am more than happy. I don't need 100+ fps, my eyes won't notice it.

If I can save $300, I can put up with the extra 10 seconds for editing, and lose 10 frames per seconds. Just my opinion. There seems to be over all negliable difference, the bottom line for me is price.

Just my opinion.

Edited: mistyped the main point of this post. d'oh!
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There is no answer!
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You're right i'm going with AMD, always have, just thought i might do things different this time round, but i don't think i will.


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lancer said:
You're right i'm going with AMD, always have, just thought i might do things different this time round, but i don't think i will.
Not sure who would give Video Editing an extreme priority over gaming and application performance.
You're better off going for Gaming performance and just be patient when encoding/editing videos.

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